Milk Not Coming In

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Brandy - October 7

Ok, I delivered by induction one week ago. Baby did fine feeding in the hospital, but once I got home she would cry and not latch on. Eventually she would, but when we went to the pediatrician on Monday she was screaming. She had lost over a pound in 3 days! They said to try and lightly supplement my baby because she wasn't getting enough nutrition. I figured as much, because she wasn't dirtying diapers hardly at all. Well, it's been a few days, I still try to get her to latch on, and then I pump if she doesn't. I still only get about 1/2 ounce of milk out of both br___ts a couple times/day. A lot of times I pump and the bottles are empty. (I use an electric Medela pump) I have not had much br___t soreness or leaking at all. I guess I thought once milk started to come out that it was going to come right in? But even if I pumped and fed her exclusively br___tmilk right now, it wouldn't be near enough to meet her needs. Do you think my milk is just slow coming in?


anne - October 7

the weightloss is really normal. babies tend to lose quite a bit in the first week. your mature milk should come in fairly soon -be sure to pump every 2 hours to get it going. drink lots of water, rest well - avoid stress at all costs. once your milk comes in fully, you will still need to pump every 2-3 hours - day or night until you've established a supply. then in a few weeks you can go 4-5 hours a night (only) without needing to pump. the amount you're getting isn't unusual. i got less than that for the first 2 weeks. i feel your concern, but it will get better.


brandy - October 7

Thanks, Anne. We had to go to the pediatrician 3 times this week so far for them to check her weight. Plus she had jaundice so we had to keep her on the blanket. Thanks for the reply, all I hear from the lactation consultants is that the milk will come in within 4 days, that's why I was concerned. I will try to get some rest now, we had to hold her 24 hrs/day because she would kick off the phototherapy blanket thing. But now she's off it and last night was much more normal, feedings every 3 hrs or so and I could put her down in between!


anne - October 7

aww sorry she was jaundice. that must of been so difficult for you all. i hope she is improving quickly.



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