Milk Oversupply

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mayaB - June 21

I have a 5 week old baby.. and he's always choked and coughed while eating.. So I try to feed him lying down. he's gained 2 kg (4.4lb) in about a month.. Does anyone have info to share regarding oversupply? how do you control the flow so it is comfortable for the baby to eat? Thank you!!


krc - June 21

some moms have a strong milk ejectio reflex causing baby to get gushes of milk that are more than he can handle causing him to gag, cough, or even refuse the b___st. There are some tips you can try. 1) try manually expressing milk for a minute or so until the forceful part of the milk flow pa__ses 2) try burping baby several times during feeding, especially if you see your baby gulping to keep up with your flow 3) feed baby in an upright position 4) offer only one b___st per feeding until your milk supply gets in line with your baby's needs. If your milk supply is normal, it could be your baby is improperly latching on.


^lucy^ - June 21

hi mayaB,, im having the same thing with my 5 weeks old baby girl.. i noticed that if it has been a while since i last fed her,, when sh's feeding,, she fusses and starts to cry and cough and refuses my b___st.. then i found out that its gushing and she's unable to catch up with the flow so she starts to choke and cry.. one thing i tried and worked is that i try to pump and then feed her, this helps a lot.. also as krc said, try to burp ur baby several times during feeding.. hope we helped a bit :)


bean - June 21

Maya I'm so glad you asked this! I have the same problem. My dd is 6 weeks and I have WAY too much milk. My b___sts are always leaking - soaking through the pads and my bra. My dd gained 3lbs in just 3 weeks according to her 1 month checkup! I do everything suggested - burp her serveral times during a feeding, feed her tiled so her head is up higher, feed from only one b___st per feeding, etc. But my supply isn't going down and besides baby problems I'm in pain! I don't want to pump because I'm afraid that'll just increase my supply (supply vs. demand issue). Anyone have any suggestions other than pumping? Or do I just wait this one out? Help!


Susan W - June 21

Gosh, I had a firehose letdown at first and produced enough to feed the neighborhood. I literally drowned the poor kid! What I did was let the overflow go into a towel -- sometimes that meant taking the baby off the b___st until the flow stopped (which was several minutes for me!), nurse on just one side for several feedings and allow the other to leak into a towel (100% cloth diapers work much better though) and nursing laying on my back to slow it via gravity. At first, I also used a nipple shield (I also had inverted nipples) which slowed it down. . . Hang in there. The baby will learn to cope with it -- and eventually you will love it as you can feed that kid in 5 minutes and get back to whatever it is you need to do while your friend is still nursing 20 minutes later! And your body will even out. I leaked for 10 months. No joke. At 6 weeks, I was pouring milk 24/7. Don't pump, but hand express whenever you nurse, the side you are not nursing on. It will resolve. I promise!! I think there is an overactive milk supply forum at's message board too if you want more help.


bean - June 22

10 months... ohmigod. Thanks for the encouragement Susan!



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