Moms That Are Pumping At Work Question

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pebblesnbambam - October 18

My dd is 5 months old and up until now I have been pumping 2 times at work.. I would like to start to go to one time per day... but am concerned that on weekends I won't have enough milk to br___t feed her. I am br___tfeeding all other times except for when she is at daycare. She gets a mix of formula and br___tmilk at daycare... so I don't go through as much of my stored milk... But don't want to jeapordize my milk suppy by giving up one pumping session. Any advise??


DB - October 18

I pumped 2x per day until my dd was 7.5 months old. Then my supply was so low I just switched to 1x per day. On the weekends I did have to supplement with bottles, then she refused the b___st because of low supply. I've now weaned her at 8.5 months. I'm not saying you are doomed! I'd had a low supply for months...If your supply is stable then try it out. If you see a huge drop you can always go back to 2x per day or just supplement on the weekends. GL.


Kristine - October 31

Hi ladies, I work 4 days a week 8am-4pm. I b___stfeed exclusively on my days off. At work, I pump twice a day but only average a total of 3 ounces a pumping session. My dd is 7 months old. How will I know if my milk supply is diminishing?


lily10 - October 31

A friend of mine that I work with pumps once a day at work. She said that once her baby started to eat solids she was able to cut pumping down to once a day. My dd is only 4 months so I still pump twice a day but there have been quite a few occasions where I was only able to get in one pumping session at work. I think I am going to do what my friend does and wait till my dd is eating some solids then I will go down to once a day.


toodumb - November 24

which b___st pump is everyone using?? is the medela one the best or can I try evenflo...also does the single pump ..battery operated /automaticwork gives the same as the double (pump in style) etc...coz there is a huge differnce in cost?


lily10 - November 25

I use the medela pump in style and I love it. I have not heard anything good about the evenflo. I know there is a huge difference in cost but there is a reason for that, the more expensive pumps are really that much better. Make sure you do your research before buying a pump you can read lots of reviews on babies r us and both the playtex and the evenflo have really poor reviews.


tryingx3 - November 26

I pumped 2x a day for until month 11 and then started expanding my time until I was down to one late in the afternoon, then none at all. My dd wouldn't take a bottle with formula (any) in it.


pebblesnbambam - December 3

Thanks everyone. I am getting worried because my supply seems to be dwindling. I feed my daughter around 1:30am, 6:30am then pump around 11 but today there was only like 4 oz TOTAL with both b___sts (use medela pump in style double and love it) then I don't do anything until I get home at 5 and I bfeed her... then she eats cereal and bf again at 6:30 or 7 before she goes down for the night. I am wondering if I should move my pumping time out until the afternoon.. like 1:30 but then I don't want her to not have enough milk come 5. I bf her only on the weekends... and again am afraid that I don't have enough milk to satisfy her. On sunday I was out and dh fed her a bottle and she ate 6 oz.. .when bfeeding she just eats a little here... a little there... is on the b___st and pulls off... etc. At night she eats really good... I pull her into bed with me when she gets up (usually around 1am) and she just eats and we both fall asleep... then I will feel her searching for my b___st and I switch sides. Put her back into bed a couple hours later... I REALLY want to bf until she is a year... even if it is just morning and evenings... Anyone else going through anything similar. I know the more she eats of rice cereal and other foods the less bmilk she will eat. Again... thanks for sharing your stories and advise!



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