More Milk In One Breast Then The Other

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keziah - February 3

has anyone else experienced this, my left br___t is smaller than the right since my milk has come in and when i pump i can get like 3 oz out of the right but only like 1 oz out of my left evertime and my son is now 7weeks and its still the same, i have tried pumping more and feeding first on the left but no change.


redmondsky - February 3

Hi Keziah - I have the very same issue. I am now on baby two and it was an issue with our first too. I get (believe it or not) 4-5 oz out of my left b___st and (consistently) 1 oz out of my right. I would say that my left b___st is about 2 cup sizes bigger than my right. My OB said that my right b___st is not working as well due to duct damage (from the removal of a cyst many many years ago). Sometimes he said it can be just this way for no real reason - ! will probably find that your right b___st may continue to produce more - to make up for the lack of milk on the left. To be honest I find the whole thing quite fascinating. I mean the real question is: How in the heck does my left b___b know that my right b___b is making less milk? ha ha ha ha....


slackette - February 3

Mine is the same way (and I never had any issues or surgeries before). My left one gives double the amount than my right. My LO is 6 months old and it has been like that from the beginning. I just pump and then even out the bottle from my right b___b by topping it off with milk I pumped from my left one. I usually get 4oz and 2oz, so I just make it 3 and 3. Been working fine for me thus far!


excited2bemama - February 4

Totally normal. I have one b___st that produces more milk too - as do most of my b___stfeeding friends.


1stbabyforme - April 7

I saw this post and I can totally relate. My left b___st is def at least 2 cup sizes bigger and produces twice the amount!


Kristin72 - April 10

This is totally normal. But to up the milk supply on the other b___st try offering the lower producer first. For me My right would only let down if the left was pumped first or if I fed her on the left first .and simultaneuosly pumped on the right.. Also letting your lo pacify on the b___st that prduces less will help to stimulate more production.This helped me get more milk in my right b___st. good luck



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