My 13 Month Old Refuses To Drink Milk

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Perl - December 6

At my ds' 12 month check his pediatrician talked with me about the benefits of introducing him to cow's milk. I've been trying for about a month now and my ds is rejecting it. He doesn't like to drink much of anything but water from a sippy cup. He doesn't drink anything from a bottle he just chews and plays with the nipples. He never wanted to drink formula either even though I tried to give it to him over several months----not from a bottle and not from a sippy cup. But he still loves to drink br___tmilk though. I'm wondering if he will continue to reject cow's milk just like he did with formula. Does anyone else have a little one who doesn't like to drink cow's milk?


Kristin72 - December 8

Hi Perl, I have the same problem. BTW congrats on b___stfeeding for 13 months..I think we deserve medals. I have tried to my lo formula or whole milk, and 2%, etc but Zoe has flat out refused. I have heard to just keep offering it to them in small quanit_tes, diluted quant_ties or adding flavour to it through via instant breakfast or nesquick (strawberry)(hey if it works) You could also try smoothies mixed with yoghurt bananas and berries and milk. I like you have a lo who looooves b___st milk. She refused expressed and formula as a supplement at 6 months so I have been kinda screwed. She did take milk on a spoon from the dh as he was eating his cereal she took about 4-5 spoonfuls 2 days ago. Every little bit will get them use to the idea. A friend of mine added icecubes to the sippy cup. (Whatever works just keep at it daily..that is my suggestion. Sometimes I think my lo will never wean she loves her b___b so much. ~~Hope you are doing well. I a starting to feel somewhat better after my health issues. I have a sonohysterogram set up after my next af to see if my tubes are flowing properly. Talk to you soon. Kristin :)


excited2bemama - December 8

I think as long as he is still nursing 2-4 times a day they do not need cows milk. Unless you are trying to wean complety I wouldn;t worry- Human milk is superior to cows milk anyway.


Jen - December 14

When it was time to wean my son I too would give him some whole milk here and there to get him used to it. I found he would just spill it everywhere with the fun sippy cup/bottle, so I started giving him sips from a small plastic/disposable cup. I hold it of course for him, but now he does very well with the whole milk. He has a 15 month check up tomorrow and has been on whole milk for the past month. Good luck!


tryingx3 - December 14

Perl - I already posted on the toddler board, but wanted to encourage you to hang in there! My dd doesn't drink much either - water or milk...especially not milk. I offer it to her all the time and have found that using a straw or a sippy with the straw seems to get more in her!


Perl - December 16

ooh good suggestions thanks. So far I've tried sippy cup and spoon feeding it to him with cheerios or soggy rice chex. I'll try some of these suggestions next. Thanks Tryingx3, for the encouring words. I love b___stfeeding but I'm ready to try for baby #2 and will not b___stfeed while pregnant. I thought that milk would help me to wean my ds from b___stfeeding. Didn't think it would be this hard to wean. ***Kristin: gosh you've gone through so much. Sounds like you're still recovering then? Good luck on sonohysterogram (fingers crossed).


tryingx3 - December 19

Perl - we also give her water FROM a straw when we are out - You know put the straw in the cup, finger over the end to keep suction, then drop it in. I was hoping DD would self-wean, but she hasn't slowed down at all - actually seems to find bfing amusing at this point! Like seeing her best friend or something!


tryingx3 - December 19

I tried Nestle Quik and Hershey's syrup in small quant_ties in dd's milk too and only reward for that was a stain on her shirt. :-) Juice is out the question, does like to suck on lemons!...but no lemonade.


Perl - December 30

LOL Trying. I know what you mean. Little Peter won't go to sleep without his "best friends" so how will we get him to sleep after I wean? Well, I got my little guy to get 4 ounces of milk a day but that's only because we mix it with his oatmeal or cereal. He's drinking juice on his own from sippy cup now but still refusing the milk and he's not self weaning either. I really need to wean him very soon as much as I will miss it, I think it's time so I can feel comfortable about ttc baby #2.


Kristin72 - December 31

Hi Perl, I just spoke to my frined who bf her lo till he was 18 months. She stopped cold turkey because she went on a holiday. When she Came back she just refused him..Her lo would not drink milk but did take chocolate milk ( the carton type already made) It has alt the same nutrients as regular milk just the added chocolat flavour. Also I wanted to mention that when I was sick I had to stop nursing for 2 days two seperate times. So I just offered her pacifier, water in a sippy cup in bed with me and rocked her or nozzled her until she felll asleep. It took a little longer but was definitely doable. I think the bf'ing has alot more to do with our attachment than theirs. I currently nurse my lo to sleep and still nurse through the night and in the morning afternoon evening etc.! She loves it!! But alot of it is habit. My other gf nrsed her baby till she was 16 months and the baby self weaned. Got to just awoke!



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