My 8 Week Old Won T Take A Bottle

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Christy - February 20

Does anyone have any suggestions? My dr recommended only br___tfeeding the first month then to give a bottle once a week starting at week 4. She took it great at 4 and 5 weeks, but at 6 weeks would not. We have tried MANY times. She just won't have it. I've read on here a little about Dr. Browns, where do you buy these, I've never seen them before. Thanks everyone.


mom42 - February 20

Wish I could help. My first refused a bottle until she went to day care at 12 weeks. My second just took a bottle for the first time about two weeks ago (she is 6.5 MONTHS!). I definitely have b___b babies! As for the Dr Browns, I have seen them at Wal-mart.


katie - February 20

i've only seen the narrow dr. brown's at walmart; my b___b baby would only take the wide neck ones that i've seen at target or baby depot. they are more like the mom's nipple. and have someone else try giving her the bottle - sometimes they won't take it from mom because they know mom's got the better "bottle" in her shirt! :)


sj - February 20

i dont think its the type of bottles, i just think its an adjustment faze all bf babies go thru.. mine did....just be persistant and it will work...


C - February 20

My nephew does the same thing. He just spits it out and gets really frustrated. He took a bottle for the first month or so and after that he refused. Luckily she's a stay at home mom and doesn't have to leave him for long periods of time. My son on the other hand will go through phases where he prefers one over the other but will take either if he's hungry enough. Keep trying.


April - February 21

Why do you need your baby to take a bottle?


Steph - February 21

What does it matter April? Maybe she has to go to work, and her baby has to be at daycare.


April - February 21

Steph - I was asking a question to try and help. So I could answer the question better. You understand now?


Heidi - February 22

I tried dozens of nipples and the only ones that worked for us was the slow flow nursers by playtex. I also had to have someone else feed her and when she fussed for them I'd give them a shirt I wore that wasn't washed yet. The mommy smell helps. I sent one to daycare the first day and it worked great and she took the bottle at daycare no problem. Like someone else said, they know mom has something better so best off to let someone else try.


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 23

I agree it would help to know why. B/c if it's at daycare it would different than if it was a family member or away from home, at home etc...


Christy - February 23

I will be working a couple days a week soon. My mom will be keeping her.


lindsay - March 2

i have not used dr. browns myself , but my sister used to be a nanny for a couple who used dr. brown's for their daughter and she (my sister) hated them because they were really tough to clean because of the "tube" inside. (if you've ever seen one , you'll know what i mean.) they might be a good bottle for baby but just thought you might like to know that they may be difficult to keep clean an sterile... and who needs more work to do when you have a newborn/ infant like tediously cleaning the bottles!!??


lindsay - March 2

oh . also, i was told by a lactation consultent and pediatrician to use "nuk" nipples because they were shaped like a mother's nipple in baby's mouth and helped prevent nipple confusion. my son never had any problems switching back and forth between bottle and b___st for the 6 months we bf... maybe he would have done fine on any nipple, but we did have success wtih these. (also used nuk pacifiers.) good luck!



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