My Baby Doesn T Want The Breast

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Allie - June 10

Due to sever jaundice, we were forced to supplement with formula in the daughter was figuring out how to feed (with some difficulties) but after introducing the bottle it has been 10 times soon as my milk came in I stopped supplementing with formula and have been pumping and feeding her br___tmilk from a bottle and trying to nurse, but she is just not interested in latching/sucking (she roots contantly). Does anyone have any advice on how to encourage her to take the br___t?


C - June 10

Maybe try a nipple shield. After a few weeks hopefully she'll start to prefer the closeness to you as opposed to the convenience of the bottle. Make sure you are using a wide mouthed nipple on her bottles too.


Susan W - June 11

I agree with C. Try a shield. Sounds like she has learned bottle feeding is much easier, which it is, and wants that. The shield has a big "nipple" which may help you transition her back to the b___st. You could also dribble a small amount of sugar water over your nipple into her mouth to try to get her to latch on (an LC gave me that tip). Meanwhile, I'd try first at every feeding to latch her on, and then only if it doesn't work feed her from a bottle. Too bad they didn't have you syringe feed her in the hospital :((


Allie - June 11

Well, I picked up a nipple shield on the way home from church, and as she put it in her mouth dripped some b___st milk I had already expressed onto it, and she took my b___st! She nursed on both b___sts with the shield, and later on one side - it was a bit of a battle the second feeding, and I am waiting for her to wake up again so we can do it again on the other side - but I am just so excited that this seems to be working!!!!!


chris mandola - June 11

Hi Allie, I just wanted to add that eventually you will be able to feed without the sheild. I quit using mine at 3 months. After I quit using the sheild my baby refuses to drink out of a bottle now.


Susan W - June 12

GREAT! There is a thread on here about weaning your baby from it. . . Read it now, so you have some ideas about how to go about that when you are ready. I'm so very happy for you!



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