My Daughter Is CONFUSING Me

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ssmith - May 21

If anyone can give me some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!! Here's what happened this morning....I fed her at 9:30am, and she had a pretty decent feeding. Then she had quite a lengthy period of alertness. Around 11:20am she started to get fussy (probably tired)...and was acting as if she was hungry again. Well, rocking...cuddling etc etc didn't settle I nursed her again for barely 10 minutes before she finally fell asleep at 11:45am. The problem is...she supposed to eat again at 12:30pm. Do I count the 10 minutes as a "feed?" and count 3 hrs from then...or go by the original feed at 9:30am and wake her up at 12:30pm after only sleeping 45 minutes? I am so confused......thanks in advance for you help!!


Brittany - May 21

How old is your daughter? Babies stomachs are so small that they don't hold much in them, a newborn can eat from every hour to every three hours. I don't think you should go on a three hour schedule. Your daughter might be hungry every two hours. And when she sleeps, let her sleep. Don't wake her up to feed her unless she was born under 5 pounds. Those are just my opinions though. Your daughter might just have needed something in her tummy before a nap or just needed to suck to calm her down. Good luck with everything, I fed my son everytime he seemed hungry which was every two-three hours as a newborn. He was bottle fed though so I knew how much he was getting. It's hard to tell how much a b___stfed baby gets, maybe she didn't get enough with the last feeding. I plan to b___stfeed my daughter when she comes. Hope all goes well for you!!


ssmith - May 21

She's 3.5 weeks now, and has been nursing every 2.5-3 hrs during the day, and anywhere from 4-6 during the night. She throws me off when she sneaks in a little "snack" in between!!


angie m - May 21

ssmith I just nursed mine whenever they acted hungery. I never thought of keeping track of how long it was between feedings. Just thought I would let you know and hope it helps. Good luck and hope you get everything figured out.


Susan W - May 21

I just nurse on demand too. It's a whole lot easier -- and I've been nursing now for 20 months!! I never kept track, just watched how many wet/poopy diapers DH made. If he was wet at every change, that told me he was getting enough. If the bowel movements were frequent and yellow, he was getting enough. Its OK. And you're going to get really thrown for a loop here -- she's probably coming up on a growth spurt and will either start nursing more frequently, longer and/or cluster feeding! Just go with it, and you'll be OK :) I promise.


sparkles - May 21

Susan W is right. When baby's go through a growth spurt, they eat more often for a day or two. My daughter has done that several times since she was born and the most recent was the other day. Just nurse on demand and eventually she'll get her own consistent schedule going. I, also, found that waking my baby up to eat (unless more than 4-5 hrs. had pa__sed since the last feeding) caused her to not latch on as well if she wasn't awake enough or not quite ready to eat yet. If your baby seems a little fussy in between feedings, you can try a pacifier as long as she has the b___stfeeding/latching thing down ok. It satisfies a baby's natural need to suck on something. The NUK pacifiers are the best to use for b___stfed babies.



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