My Electric Breast Pump Sucks Should I Get A Manual One

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Kristin72 - March 12

I have an electric br___t pump by The First Years. It cost me $140 I do not seem to be very successful with this pump. I find it loud and uncomfortable to use. Should I buy a manual pump instead?..which one would you recommend? Advent? Is it easier? I do not want to waste money. Thanks


Tammy276 - March 13

personally, I prefer the manual pump over electric, but that is my personal choice. I used the avent isis last time and it worked great...this time I bought the Dr.Browns and am hoping that will work well...guess we'll find out in a few weeks.


Lala - March 13

the pump "sucks" that's funny lol! Maybe you mean it doesn't suck! he hee. sorry, I know I'm cheesy.


Kristin11 - March 13

i have heard alot of bad reviews on the first years b___st pump and had actually bought one and returned it. I have been doign alot of research and was told the ameda purely yours or medela double elctric b___st pumps work awesome and are like hospital grade (i actually talke to a lactation consultant too). As far as manual b___st pumps the avent isis gets great reviews from many people.


Kristin72 - March 13

thankyou ladies...i will probably buy one of the manual ones then. Is the Dr. Brown's manual too ? I have heard a couple of people who own the avent manual pump and like it . I haven't heard anything about the Dr. Brown's one but I do have Dr. Brown bottles. Kristin..btw i like your name


Kristin72 - March 13

P.S. Lala, I wish it sucked is what i should have said ;) lol


DB - March 13

Oh, too bad you don't want an electric one. I love my medela pump in style advanced. It's great, gets the job done pretty quick and is very comfortable.


Kristin72 - March 13

I have an electric one..For a manual pump I think it would be great if say I discretely pumped in my car while my dh drives and I could have a bottle ready by the time we arrive somewhere. Is the medela loud? I have already spent alot on the other one with no success. I am afraid to spend $$$ and it still will not work well for me. Atleast the hand pumps are less expensive.


Mommy_to_be - March 13

I have an electric (Medela Pump in Style) and love it. It's not too loud and I can pump in 10 minutes - quickly, efficiently, and comfortably! I haven't used any manual ones but I have heard from friends that manual pumps are tiring and take longer - and will not keep up your milk supply as well as electric. The Medela is the brand most hospitals recommend/ rent out.


kellens mom - March 13

kristin72, Have you considered contacting the manufacture? Maybe it is not working correctly. Or maybe they can offer to exchange you for a different one. I know that not many businesses are this generous anymore, but you will never know unless you try. I guess I thought about this because one of the gals on the infant care forum had a diaper burst gel all over. She contacted the company to see if it was toxic and they sent her several certificates for free packages of diapers. I have a medela pump in style advanced. I think it is pretty quiet. I purchased a car adapter for $15(?) more. The pump cost me $200 (no tax, no shipping) from bestbuybaby dot com I think it stinks that you have money tied up in a product that you are not happy with...


kellens mom - March 13

My best friend used a manual pump (4 years ago!). I will try to remember to ask her which one she used. I do know that she liked it.


Kristin72 - March 14

thankyou for the info kellens mom :)


DB - March 14

Kellens mom-Does the Pump in style advanced keep up your milk supply pretty well??? Just curious, I'm going back to work at the end of april =( so I'll be pumping several times a day and may end up exclusively pumping by the end of the summer (don't know what I'm going to do yet)....just curious if it works well enough.


kellens mom - March 14

Nothing keeps your milk up better then a nursing baby. I also have to use visualization techniques (picture my baby nursing to stimulate letdown). I do like the let-down feature. The advanced has a two minute letdown simulator that quickly and lightly stimulates the nipple and b___st. If I letdown before the two minutes is up, then I push the b___ton and go into the normal mode. I have never tried any other pumps, so I have no other reference. Like I said, the best resource is letting the baby nurse to stimulate supply.


DB - March 14

hmm..I have the pump so I know the features you're talking about. I just can't decide how many months I'll be nursing my dd. Sometimes she's such a fussy eater and it drives me nuts, but the first bottle dh gave her made me mad, well not mad, but I felt like she didn't need me!! I'm just wondering if I do decide to exclusively pump if the pump would do the trick...knowing me I'll get too attached to nursing and won't pump unless I'm at work. I guess it'll all be different once she is starting to eat solids and such in a few months. We'll see what happens.


kellens mom - March 14

Oh sorry. I misunderstood the question. I thought you were asking about how well the pump in style advanced worked at keeping the you where considering purchasing it. Opps. We have done okay with pumping 90 percent of the time. I try to nurse once a day - usually at night or early morning because during times when I do get low (stress is a huge factor) the nursing brings my supply back up. Pumping isn't as wonderful as it is cracked up to be in my opinion. You have to take time, it isn't as fast, and equipment care are a few issues. You can always try to pump part time and see how it goes. If your supply starts to reduce then you know you will need to keep some nursing in your daily schedule. Sorry for the confusion. I am not reading things very well today.


Kristin11 - March 15

Thanks i like your name too :) I bought the Ameda purely yours from a pediatric hospital for less then half price brand new. It has gotten great reviews and i am looking forward to using it, It is the only fda approved pump for mutiple users also, so it will have resale value when i am done with it, Prior to buying it i consulted a lactation consultant and she gave me the thumbs up and says it was a great pump and i got a awesome deal. I hope it works as well as its reviews, i guess i will find out in a few weeks when my son gets here. (i am 35 1/2 weeks prego). I hope you find a useful pump Kristin. I say if you are a stay at home mom and only occa__sionally pumping that a maual would do you well. I plan on going backto work fulltime so i need something that is a bit quicker and made for fulltime pumping,



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