My Four Week Old Is A Chow Hound

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EricaLynn - January 27

My daughter will be four weeks old in a couple of days. She gets br___t milk out of a bottle (I pump alot). She is such a piggie though! She can eat up to 8 oz in one sitting, and usually eats at least 6 or this normal? She is such an oinker! I feel like I am falling behind her and I think I may have to supplement her with formula soon because she eats so much!


coxm3 - January 28

Every baby is different. My 4 month old who weighs 16 pounds only takes up to 6 ounces at one sitting and usually just 4. However, he only gets bottles while I am away from him at work. Don't worry about what is normal, every baby is different. I learned that with my second.


Mommy_to_be - January 28

I bf but don't use a bottle so I have no idea how much my 10 wk old daughter eats at each feeding. Don't give up on b___stfeeding exclusively. Your body will increase it's milk production as your baby's needs increase. I can tell when my daughter needs more than I'm producting bc she'll suck forever on both sides and yank and pull on my b___st...a day later I can tell my heavy milk stream increases by a couple minutes.


eclipse - January 29

My son was and is the exact same way, although he waited two weeks to pull the 8oz thing, but does it now almost every single feeding. Talk to your doctor-she may be going through a growth spurt, or just outdoing your supply-I b___stfeed and pump and my doctor was impressed that I was able to keep up with him as much as I have so far, but I have to supplement because I cannot produce the amount he needs. I can pump 6oz every 2 hours (roughly) but he eats 8 and is 10 weeks old. Gentlease is my best friend. :0)


EricaLynn - January 30

Thanks eclipse, I got gentelease and good start at the store the other day. She ate about 1/2 an oz of the good start last night (after eating 6oz of b___st milk). She didnt seem to excited about it. The only reason we didnt give her more was because I broke down and started crying about it. I want her to have what is best and I feel aweful that I cannot make the amount of food she is demanding. Did you go through this too? I know alot of people supplement but I cant help but feel like I am failing her somehow by not EXLUSIVELY b___stfeeding her.


coxm3 - January 30

I know how you feel. With my first, I couldn't BF and had to pump exclusively. I couldn't keep up and got so tired of pumping. I ended up giving up at 6 weeks. I remember crying and crying and feeling like a complete failure. I know you have had nursing issues, but do you still try to nurse her or are you just completely pumping? If you could nurse her after her bottle or any at all, that would help build up your supply more. Have you tried any herbs, fenugeek (sp?) or eating oatmeal to build up your supply? There is some good information on kellymom to build up your supply. However, in the end if you end up supplementing, DON"T FEEL BAD and don't let anyone make you feel bad.


EricaLynn - January 30

I do nurse her, usually once a day. I pump first and then let her suck them completely dry. (but I still give her the bottle too so she isnt starving) I havent tried oatmeal and I have never heard that helps but It cant hurt right....Thanks so much, I know I shouldnt feel bad about supplementing, and Im starting to warm up to the idea. I was just so set in my mind on doing it this way. But my mind was set on alot of stuff that flew out the window!


eclipse - January 30

Oh, I had major guilt about supplementing. It started in the hospital, actually, because he had jaundice and they tell you to supplement after bfing. Plus, a lot of the formulas just ripped his system up so I felt even worse, but I have tried everything and produce a lot of milk but it still isn't enough. So I just accepted it and am doing better. It helped when we found the gentlease because it doesn't upset his tummy and doesn't smell bad like a lot of the other formulas which also made him have unusual poos (sorry tmi). I wish he would b___stfeed on me, but he has always had problems and just gets so upset. I still have residual guilt, but the important thing to remember is our babies are getting the majority of their food from b___stmilk and that is the goal here. :)


EricaLynn - January 30

Oh thank god I am not going crazy. I looked back on it and thought what a weird thing to get upset about, but I see now that it isnt. I can produce enough to get her through usually and she always gets b___st milk before formula. (so far she has only had to have 3oz of formula) But she is just suck a big eater. I am trying a new thing to up my supply (after the milk stops flowing on the pump I stay hooked up to it for an extra three minutes to stimulate more milk). She is still an oinker though! I am glad Im not the only one who has to supplement though! Thanks so much!



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