My Milk Has Come In And I Am Not Going To Breastfeed

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Isabella's Mommie - April 15

How Do I stop the milk flow? I was told to wear a tight sports bra with br___t pads in them to stop the leaking and put ice packs on my chest. Is this correct? Also how long does it take. I only B--tfeed in the hospital to give the baby the colostrum that is supposed to be the best thing for the baby. I tried to BF her when I came home the day my milk came in but she did not take to it so I went out bought a pump. Pumped Once she did not like it. So I have alternated to formual which she loves. So all that said, I need advice on how to stop the flow, appx. how long it takes since i really did not bresatfeed for long and if anyone knows if and what it would be called (a pill) to dry up the milk. I noticed someone said there dr. gave them a pill to dry up. What is it called so I can ask my Gyno! THanks so much!


Jeanie - April 16

Binding your b___sts will work, but there are medications too :)... You already know the answers!


Maleficent - April 16

try cabbage leaves. it sounds like some old wives tale but it really does work. good luck drying up, when i didn't nurse my first i had nasty infections for weeks. if you get a fever or your b___sts have hard hot spots go to your doctor.


lilmum - April 16

i did b___stfeed, but i weaned at four months (my tiny man got teeth!!). It took roughly a week and a half to dry up my milk,(atleast to be comfortable) and i had good production going. I replaced a half of each feeding with formula, and a complete feeding every other day so basically, first day : all feedings half b___st half formula (may wish to express instead of feed, just enough to relieve engorgment), second day: mid afternoon feeding all formula, all others half and half, third day; mid morning and mid afternoon all formula, half/half for rest and so on, until i left morning feeding as half and half. I worked really well, and i only fed to relieve pressure in my b___sts. This way i was never engorged, but my milk supply dried up quickly. I know it's not the same thing, but hopefully you can get some use of this.


lilmum - April 16

replaced complete feeding every day, not every other day.. sorry typing faster than i'm thinking :P


Tori - April 20

Try cabbage leaves most of the people I know used them. They say that the cabbage leaves have some kind of chemical in them that helps dry them up and helps with soreness. And it does take about a week and a half to two weeks to dry up to be comfortable but it could take as long as three months to dry up completly.



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