My Son Hates The Bottle

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Mena - October 11

I have been br___terfeeding my 4 month old son since birth, & I have also been pumping so that my husband can feed him & my mom when she babysits. But he HATES the bottle, so far I have tried Avent bottles, Playtex Avance & the Playtex Nurser & he just screams, spits it out & turns his head & will only drink from thye breat. This is driving me crazy because I cannot leave him ever because he wont eat &n I'm worried he'll go hungry, but he has to eventually take the bottle so I can wean him in a few months. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice would be appreciated!


Eryn - October 11

Does he take a pacifier? You could try working with that. Otherwise you should get an SNS feeder and then finger feed him with it for awhile and your husband can feed him. That might help the transition also. Good Luck


Billie - October 11

I went through the same exact thing. I tried for a month to get my son to take the bottle and all he would do is cry. The only thing that worked was the NUK nipple. Not the clear ones but the brown ones. What I did was after he cried for what seemed like forever, I put the nipple in his mouth while he was going to sleep. Then all of a sudden he started sucking it!!! It was a d__n miracle!!!. Then I put the nipple on the bottle of milk and he drank it in his sleep. The next day he took it again with a little fighting but not much. After that I started him on one bottle a day for a week, then two, and now we are up to three bottles a day. I hope that this works for you and if not, I read that some babies never take a bottle so many moms start their babies on a cup around five or six months. Just a thought! Well I hope I helped and good luck!!!!


Kim - November 3

My son is 10 months old, and I'm having the same problem! I've tried almost everything! I think he just really hates the taste of formula. I've tried it in a cup too. No way he'll take it. It can be pretty frustrating. I think I'll try what Billie said. I'll let you know if it works!!


C - November 4

My sister and friend had the same problem. My sister waited 6 weeks to introduce the bottle but my friend's baby refused the bottle in the nursery at the hospital. I would keep trying different nipples but have other people feed him when you leave the house. In another month or so you could try a sippy cup. I introduced it at 5 months and now at 6 he can pretty much hold the cup on his own. I still use b___st and bottle but maybe your baby will be able to use a sippy cup when you are gone. Try and try again!


boys love b___bs - November 4

I wish you ladies wouldn't see it as a problem the world average is 4 years old .


Kim - November 4

I love that!! Boys love b___bs... I don't really see it as a "problem", I'll feed him til he's ready to wean; but I would like to be able to go out once in while.


sara - November 5

An idea for you all with those bottle hating babies... get a b___stshield - only costs a couple of bucks. Then, start feeding your baby like normal, when she really starts going unlatch her, pop on the shield - I squeezed a little milk from my b___st into the shield. Make sure her cheek/hand is touching your b___st and not the plastic. Also, I fed Abby with the bottle after that routine. Then, I'd pa__s her to my hubby while she was drinking. We fooled my little one good! :)


C - November 5

I wasn't saying there was a problem with nursing. My son is 6 months and I still nurse. It's only a "problem" if you aren't always able to nurse. I had to go back to work at 6 weeks so was I supposed to let my son starve at day care? It could have been a serious "problem" if my son would not have taken the bottle and I couldn't have gone back to work. So I can understand someone's frustration if their baby will not take a bottle and are asking for help/ideas.


Mena - November 8

I'm not saying I don't like nursing - I love it & don't plan on weaning him until he's a year & I go back to work. It's just I would like him to be able to take the bottle so that I can go out with friends, get my hair done or shopping for a few hours & leave him at home with my husband without coming home to a starving screaming baby. He actually doesn't mind takimg expressed brestmilk with some rice cereal from a spoon, so i think we'll stick with that for now. But how can you tell if your child is ready to wean themselves?


lyn - November 8

I got one of these and it works great!!! you can get it at also and it is cheaper.


Tati - November 10

I think a lot of us go through that I had the same problam up until I stopped b___stfeed that was when she was one. When I had to leave the house my husband would feed her b___st milk with a spoon even when she was a tiny baby. and once we had to leave her with my mom for the whole day she wouldn't eat for about 5 hours she was screaming and would fall asleep then get up and again after about 5 hours she grabed on to the bottle like it was her best thing. But that is not a nice thing to put the baby though unless you were out od options. By the way after that she still didnt take the bottle until after I stopped b___stfeeding.


Heidi - November 11

Sometimes the flow of the nipple is too much and they gag and refuse the bottle. My 4 wk old did this and my doc said the nipple wasn't right even though it was for newborns. I've been experimenting with tons of nipples and found one that she won't reject or gag on.


KFish - November 11

have you tried the Nuk nipple? It was the only that my son would take.


Beth - November 12

My son wouldnt take anything other then b___st milk, and it had to be from my b___st. I wouldnt go anywere without him till he was about 7 months and then I would leave him at home with a family member , feed him before I went out and made sure I was home within two or three hours. Worked for me though it was hard to do he started eating when he was over a year and hes a happy healthy 4 year old now


Jessi - November 26

My daughter will only take certain bottles since I've been b___stfeeding, at first she would take any kind, but now there's one made by Gerber and the nipple looks like a b___st. The bottle itself is triangular shaped and is very easy to hold. They come in 5 oz & 9 oz bottles and you can get them just about anywhere, I got mine at Walmart, and if I remeber correctly they were like $3 a bottle, but if your baby won't take any other bottle, it's well worth it. Mena - November 27

Blake has been screaming the few times I offer him a bottle too. Then I realized that I was using the same bottles I have had since he was born, which all have a stage one nipple. I bought some stage 3 nipples and he takes the bottle fine now. Maybe your son is used to a faster flow as well - a stage one nipple is too much work.



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