My Supply Is Going Down

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blueeyesin619 - October 25

I have bf'ing my dd for 13 weeks now and have had no problems. Well the last couple of days she isn't wating to eat much. She used to nurse 15 min on each side and now I am lucky if I can get her to nurse for 10 on one side. I have to pump the rest and give her a bottle which she takes fine. The last few times I have pumped I have only gotten 3 oz as opposed to 5-6 before this problem. I don't know how to get her to start nursing better. I don't want to stop bf'ing yet. Any suggestions?


excited2bemama - October 27

Your supply is probably leveling out. It doesn't mean you don't have enough milk. Babies get faster and less interested in nursing as they get older. Just let her nurse on demand.. even if its every hour. If she is really curious you can try bf in a dark and quiet place. And just because you don't get as much from a pump now doesn't mean you don't have any milk. Your baby can get all she needs - she is WAYYY better at getting milk out a b___st than a pump is. I used to get like 4 oz+ when I would pump and now when I pump(my lo is 5 months) I can barely get 2 oz. At about 13+ weeks you body stops making excess milk and makes just enough for your lo. Just keep offereing the b___st and she will take what she needs. Sometimes I can only get my lo to eat for 5 min and then 30 min later she wants to eat again. Its just a phase. Its extremely rare that your body would just stop making enough milk... especially if your baby is nursing. Don't offer her a bottle and she will nurse when she is hungry.


L1NDZ - October 31

Thanks for this!!! I was wondering the same thing! It is now taking me a bit to collect enough for a bottle when I pump. I now wish I collected and froze more bm when i had it....but I had no need for bottles at that that I want to go out for the day w/o baby....yikes! Anyways...thanks for rea__suring me!


lily10 - November 1

I think you ladies are fine, just as excited2bemama said your supply levels out after time. I went through the same thing with my supply and also the same thing with my daughter feeding super fast on one side. She would nurse for 3-6mins on one side only and I thought there was no way she was getting enough but she was gaining weight just fine and had plenty of wet and poopy diapers. If your baby seems frustrated and still hungry after you feed her then I would give her a couple oz’s of pumped milk otherwise there really is no need. Once LO’s become more interested in the world they tend to comfort nurse less.


krc - November 1

you said it well excited2bemam. My son is 15 months old and I still nurse him. Even though my b___bs sometimes feel empty, he still seems to get plenty. Sometimes when I get a 3 day weekend, he nurses more so when I have to go back to school my b___bs are making more milk. Blueeyes... I wouldn't worry about not making enough milk or losing your supply. Your supply will only diminish if you end nursing or start weaning. But your body will produce as much as they need. And in the first few weeks , your body tends to produce excess you might be used to always having a full supply, then suddenly your b___bs seems to be flatter and you panic thinking your not making enough..really, your body has finally recognized just how much it needs to produce and levels off. I remember freaking out when that happened to me. My son only nurses 2-3 times a day and I'm still making milk...pretty neat. If your baby decides to start nursing more, you will notice and increase in your supply or a decrease if they nurse less. I've always been fascinated by this because I think it's neat how sometimes your b___bs just seems flat and empty, and other they are firm and full of milk!



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