Need 2 Vent So Sad

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Jen - September 25

I have been nursing for a year. I am getting an uptake scan for my thyroid tomorrow and Thursday...I was told I will not be able to nurse for a week after the tests are done because of the radioactive iodine. I have nursed my lo everyday of his life and I am so depressed about this. I will pump and dump for this week. I will see if he will do whole milk (he has had some before), but is it better cold or warm? I plan on continuing nursing after the week, but if these results are terrible they say I may not be able to ever nurse again becasue of special meds I will need for the rest of my life...that hurts me so much! Has anyone had to do this before? I have learned though, br___tfeeding shouldn't be taken for granted : (


imamommy - September 25

I am so sorry for you and your little one. I think the milk cold should be ok for him b/c of his age. If he doesn't like it cold, warm it a little. Let him decide. I hope your tests come back ok. I too know that b___stfeeding shouldn't be taken for granted b/c of digestive problems my son is having from my diet. Good luck.


Jen - September 25

Thanks so much. Also, with these tests they are telling me I can not cuddle, kiss, baby. This is going to be so hard.


GloriaD - September 25

I am also on medications that I don't want in my dd so I chose to not continue b___stfeeding her. It breaks my heart but I would hate to cause her distress later on in life because of my decision to give her medications she didn't need. Believe me, if you can bf you should really be thankful because its my biggest regret with her. I just keep focusing on the positive aspects of our bonding instead. GL!


sashasmama - September 25

I know exactly what you are going through. I nursed my daughter for a year, and then I got a part-time job, she's never had a bottle in her mouth and she's never tasted formula. I tried pumping, but she wouldn't eat from a bottle. So I started giving her whole milk (I bought Horizon Organic) in her sippy cup, I did warm it up at first. She had that when I was at work and then when I got home I nursed, but after a few weeks of that she started losing interest in nursing and fell in love with cow's milk. I was very sad and depressed, I loved nursing her. But the funny thing is that about a year later now, I still can squeeze milk out, and that makes me feel good. I know that might sound weird, by good I meant, it brings up sweet memories of my baby looking into my eyes and touching me with her little bitty hand while suckling. :(


Zeke - September 27

I had to do the same thing when I was bfing only my lo was only 4 mos old. Do you know what kind of iodine they are going to give you. They gave me I-123. Originally, I was told that I would have to pump and dump for 5 days. If you have access to a lactation consultant I would find out the type of iodine and the dose they gave you and see what they say. The dose I had was pretty low, and I ended up only needing to pump and dump for 3 days. The hardest part is staying away from your lo, be tough though - the week will be over before you know it. I am not sure what your situation is, but i had the scan because I was showing hyperthyroid symptoms. There are two ant_thyroid drugs to treat this. PTU is the one I was one. It is approved by most pediatricians to be safe while b___stfeeding. You just need to take it so that you have at least 2 hours before you nurse again. Hope some of this helped. Bekah


Jen - September 27

Thank u all for listening. Wow, Zeke...that is interesting. I did get good news for the time being, They said I could not nurse for 48 hours, opposed to a week!!!!! Yea! I get to nurse him again tomorrow. Plus he did not take to the whole milk, but it turns out I had more frozen milk in the freezer than I thought, so he has still been having b___stmilk. Anyway, they had found a large this scan will tell them more about it. They have already ruled out thyroiditis. Zeke, I will keep that in biggest fear is never being able to nurse any future babies. But my doc also said that if I end up needing to take meds, then for me to wait 6 months before ttc, so that she can work with the med doses to ensure a safe pregnancy and possibly being able to nurse.


Kristin72 - September 27

Hi Jen, I had a stimilar situation. But for me it was for 48 hoursat 2 seperate times. I was given methdextrate twice..which is a chemo drug in smaller doses for an ectopic pregnancy. My lo was 9 months at the time. It did not work on first dose so i was given it again.~~This is what I did. I however was able to cuddle her..this made a huge difference. I supplemented with water and a pacifier and tried to tell her even though she doesn't really understand that mommy is sick and that she loves her very much and I would cuddle her with her pacifier and offer sips of water if she awakened at night. I gave her formula with her cereal and water and juice in between. She was fine. I nurse her to fall asleep so I was very upset about this..I also co-sleep with her so even harder. She has also been exclusively bf since day one. I am so sorry for your situation I wish you bes of luck. Nutritionally she will be fine for the week. I don't know if your are in Canada but call Motherisk..they can tell you how much of the drug with pa__s into your milk. How long exactly you should wait the risks etc. Just tell them your dosage amount etc. You can look up their number online. For me the chemo drug only would pa__s through my milk by less than one percent. Not a signifigant amount. Your drug is obviously more potent but they may be able to give you some advice. I wish you Best of luck. :) Your baby will be fine...maybe have your husband help put her to bed and do things closely with you lo. Take Care,



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