Need A Dosage For Domperidone Increasing Supply

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Tara O. - January 17

I wanted to know if anyone here has ever been on domperidone to increase milk supply, and what your dosage is. I'm in the US and can't get a Rx for it, so I'm not sure what dosage to take. I got it online, overseas by a recommended sourse online. Any comments, please feel free! Tara


shaylanrae - January 18

be careful, i dont know anything about it, but do be careful about taking any sort of rx drug that you get without a doctors approval. i just got done reading a horrifying story about things like this happening. i think if you have it, let your doctor know that you have it and youre going to take it, but you want a professionals advice on it. they cant make you not take it, and if youre dead set on it, any doctor would want to make sure youre safe about it.. i dunno, seems like something they should tell you...


Angie - January 19

I have read on-line that you take 3 (10 mg) 3 x's a day. here is a link. (take out any dashed that may be in the link). I have ordered some but haven't gotten it yet. My lactation consultant seems to think it is really going to work. How bad is your milk supply?


Tara Owen - January 19

Well, it's not bad at all for 1, but I'm trying to BF twins! So.... That's a WHOLE other story! I'm doing the meds, along with fenugreek, nettle, and alfalfa herbs, water, and oatmeal. I'm doing it all trying to increase it so that I'm "full" for each feeding. Now, I'm not- not even close. I can go about 8 hours before I get sore! That's not good! Thanks for your reply. I'm taking 40mg 3x a day right now. Tara


Angie - January 20

Tara- have you noticed an increase since you started taking it? How long have you been taking it? I just recieved mine today and was just wondering.


Jules - January 20

Hi Tara, have you noticed a difference with the domperidone??? I am desparate to keep nursing my son. I got Very discouraged in the beginning and decided to quit, I was engored/drying out for 3 days before I pumped and had second thoughts about quitting. Now, I'm back to b___stfeeding and trying to increase supply. Taking fenugreek, blessed thistle and drinking mother's milk tea. BUT...little man still cries after nursnig and I have to give him formula because I think he's still hungry and I don't want him to be hungry! Please reply or any other moms taking domperidone. Thanks!!!


Tara O. - January 21

I think I had noticed a difference in the beginning, but I'm not sure- I'm SOOOOOO bad at taking things when I'm supposed to- which is why I've never been on the pill!!!! LOL I think it's worth trying if you're looking to increase your supply. I've read nothing but good results about it online, so... My stress may be a big part of it too, so... (just from everything I'm trying to tackle every day) I would REALLY recommend feeding your little one as often as possible- easier for me to say than do being I have a 2 1/2 year old to entertain/take care of too all day, but I REALLY wish I could JUST nurse them all day for a few days. I KNOW that works wonders! My doula did it with her son cuz her milk came in but wouldn't come replenish. She said basically, she walked around all day without a shirt or bra, and just nursed, nursed, and nursed. It worked for her!!! Good luck to you!



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