New BF Mom Milk Supply Dimishing Need Info

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micsmms3 - December 18

Hi, I had my dd on December 1st and have been br___tfeeding just fine. only complication was slightly inverted nipples which I've worked out. Problem is that I feel my milk supply is diminishing. My dd feeds every hour or at most, 2 hours. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to feed her as she falls asleep alot. I feel like my milk is not coming in enough to feed her. Plus, (I had a cesarian), now I think I have my period. I have a flow that is quite heavy- heavier than the uterous bleeding flow that I've had since her birth. Anyone have info to share with me? thank you, Mich__le


E586467 - December 21

It sounds like your doing great regards the bf. It is normal for your milk supply to slow down after the first couple of weeks as your body is getting used to only making what your baby needs. As long as she seems content after her feed trust me your making enough (even if it doesn't seem like it). Just make sure your eating well & drinking LOTS of water & you will make enough. Also feeding on demand (sounds like you already are) will keep your body making enough. As for your bleeding I can't help with that as I have only had v____al births, so I would suggest talking to your doctor just in case it's not normal after a c-section.


E586467 - December 21

Oh & don't supplement with formula (unless you plan on pumping to make up for the missed feed), as that will definitely cause your body to make less milk. Goodluck & congrats on your new baby


elizhope - December 27

the first month is always the hardest. just wake the baby when she falls asleep and keep on a 2-3 hour feeding at the beginning. i felt like my milk was going down. all i did was make sure she was awake to take the full feed every 3 hours and every time i gave her a bottle i pumped to make up for the missed feed and by the time she was 6 weeks everything was great. if she doesnt act hungry and is gaining weight she should be fine. oh...and make sure you eat healthy, bc if you dont take in enough calories your milk will be like skim milk. eat good and it will be like drinking whole milk..ya know?


caseyann - January 2

Hello! Congrats on Bfding! Its so so good for the baby. I was where you are a few months ago, and it can be very frustrating. I have found that the healthier I eat the more milk I make, so when I eat lots of veggies and drink lots and lots of water, eat things like oatmeal for breakfast and avoid all soda pop that I produce alot of milk! I also started pumping after or between feedings and have stored this milk. It helps to get your production up. I work a full time job and had to go back to work 3 1/2 weeks after I had my boy c-section. I now pump in the morning before going to work at 6am. I am able to usually pull at least 8 oz's in the mornign pump which is about 2 feedings for him. and I pump on a break at work and come home on my lunch brk and b___st feed him. When I get off at 3pm I come home and from 4pm on I b___st feed every 2 hours until 11pm and then we go to bed... He sleeps all night and has since just over a month old. I wish you best of luck, it will work just give it a little time!! :)


amleh - January 14

Your local grocery store or a heath food store may carry something called Mother's Milk tea, you can drink and I've heard it works pretty well. My kids always ate pretty much every hour for the first couple months. Tiring for me but they gained weight well.


Samoria - January 24

Make sure you get enough sleep. Believe it or not.. but your milk supply can diminish if you don't get enough!


micsmms3 - February 21

Thank you all very much for your info, I thought I posed thanks a while ago, but noticed that it didn't go through. I'm still b___stfeeding, and she is quite an eater! She is gaining weight very well, and getting a bit chubby too! BF is a huge commitment, but I feel it is completely worth it in many ways. Thank you again!


stefkay - March 7

It's good to hear you are still with it! I remember when my daughter was born in July that everyone told me it would take about 2 weeks to get better and it hurt me so bad and was such a strugggle for over 2 MONTHS! I think it took until 4 months to really get into a groove and now my daughter is 8 months old and I'm still b___stfeeding her. I love it but also am starting to want my freedom from demand nursing. I hope to make it to at least 9 months though if possible so we'll see.


jenna32 - March 9

hey!! just wanted to say our babies were born on the same day!! Except i had mine in 2007. Sometimes you are making milk and it just doesn't feel like it.But when you miss a feeding or two, you fill up like huge and your b___bs get heavier and harder with every feeding you miss!! You're probably making plenty!!gl


micsmms3 - March 14

Thanks Jenna, and how cool is that! Dec 1st babies! I thought that was a perfect date for my dd to come! I think all is well with my supply, we've been schedule shifting a bit lately- trying to get her to go to sleep for night time before 1:00 am, tonight she went at 11:30! A first! She'll usually sleep for 5-6 hours, then have two, two hour rounds of wake & feeds. I hope to have b___st milk for her 1st year but we will see how it goes. I may supplement a bit when I go back to work- again, I'll just have to see how it goes and how I hold up. Also, I love having a very good excuse to take naps! ; )



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