New Mom Need Help About Engorgement

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Cheryl - February 7

I had my baby girl on Saturday evening and just came home yesterday. My milk still hasn't come in and we are having a hard time. When does milk usually come in? Thank you..


babygirls1st - February 7

My milk came in on about day 3.


Sarahsmommy - February 7

About day 4 maybe 5. It will come in soon enough and you're baby will have plenty until it does.


Lisastar9 - February 7

Hot wash cloths help with engorgement.. Any more problems visite kellymom. or leleacheleage(sp) for support too.


Confused - February 8

Doesn't engorgement mean that your b___st are full of milk (too full)? Do I totally have the wrong idea?


Heidi - February 8

When you get engorged you're full of milk and about ready to burst! Cheryl, don't worry, you have plenty for the baby. They don't eat much the first couple days and it's all colostrum. Lots of moms panic and think they're starving their babies when they're not. Your milk will come in before you know it and when it does, it's sort of painful. Try keeping some wet cabbage leaves in your fridge and lay them on your b___sts when they get engorged. You'll be wanting to nurse when it happens!!!! Ouch! Still happens to me if I go too long without nursing or pumping but it gets better as time goes by. Good luck and Congrats!


Cheryl - February 8

Thank you Heidi and all for your feedback. Today is day 4 and still no engorgement but I do have a litle more colostrum. When she seems unsatisfied and upset it does seem as if I'm starving her though...I hope she's getting adequate nutrition because she doesn't produce a lot of diapers. I'm just worried about her..:(


Heidi - February 8

Are you eating and drinking good? Make sure you are and get plenty of rest. It'll come all too soon. I was in the hospital two days and then I think I engorged about three days later. Boy it hurt! Just keep nursing even if nothing is coming out. It'll help built up your milk production. I was so engorged that my milk was spraying out on her poor face! If you're worried, call your doc. I don't remember Emma having many messy diapers the first few days either.


Cheryl - February 8

Heidi, you're feedback has been so encouraging to me which I needed...thank you..:) I will keep you posted and I can't wait til I'm able to fully satisfy her so we both can rest more easily. Right now she is so attached to me I literally can't do anything else in the house right now. I try putting her in her ba__sinet after she's asleep and within minutes she's crying and wanting to nurse again. Right now after nursing for awhile she's asleep on my chest as I'm writing this. BTW, my little one is named Emily...I love the name Emma too! :-)


C - February 8

Mine didn't come in till day 5. I think because he wasn't latching on properly it took longer. I pumped that day and it came in pretty soon after that. I then used a nipple shield for a couple of months to help him latch onto my flat nipples. Did she lose weight and when is your first visit with her doctor. They'll be able to tell you if she's getting enough by her weight gain.


Heidi - February 9

Babies always lose a little weight after coming home from the hospital. It's totally normal. Let her keep nursing if that's what she wants to do. It'll speed up your milk production. I was always carrying Emma around it seemed when she first came home. I never wanted to let her go! I had a problem where she wouldn't nurse enough and my b___bs were so full! I ended up using a hand pump to relieve some of the pressure. Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids. VERY important right now. Water, water, water!


C - February 10

I should have asked how much weight has she lost because it is normal to lose. However, my son weighed 8 # 13 oz. when he was born. When I left the hospital he had lost 5 oz. Because he was a little jaundice they wanted to see him when he was 4-5 days old. He was still jaundice and was then down to 8 #'s and my milk still was not in. They sent him for blood work and determined his billiruben levels weren't that bad so she gave me one more day before she wanted me to give him formula. I ended up giving him one bottle that day because he seemed so hungry. That's when I pumped and then started using the shield. I didn't give him formula again for a few weeks and he started to gain and gain and gain. You just need to watch their weight lost and wet diapers at first but normally the doctor is one step ahead of the game and will detect if there is a problem!


Lori - February 11

Also- make sure you are drinking a lot of water and stay away from certain medications that can dry you up. Your body needs to be hydrated to produce milk. Nurse often and your body will start to adjust and produce more milk. But for sure drink lots of water!! Good luck! Nursing is wonderful!



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