New Mom Is It Wrong To Feed On Demand

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joy28 - April 9

I have a week old son and actually the br___tfeeding itself is going okay. My question is, can you overfeed your child br___t feeding? He's good during the day, he'll eat and sleep. But at night nothing will soothe him. I feed him and 20 minutes later he's hysterical. We'll burp him, change him, walk him around, give him the binki, but the ONLY thing that calms him is going back on the br___t. I don't want him using my nipple as a pacifier, and most times he eat again but only for about 5- 10 minutes instead. He'll fall asleep only if I keep him on my chest. I know newborns cry, but he gets so upset and he's not sleeping very much. It's too soon for colic right? I plan on calling the dr tomorrow to see if he can offer any advice but any mom advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


lisa mc - April 9

my first child was exactly the same i made the mistake of always putting her to te b___st when she got herself worked up. it lead to her being really clingy and she refused to take a bottle or go to anyone else. she did eventually grow out of it at around 9 months!! i have just had my second child on march 24th and am also b___stfeeding her but i express a bottle everyday and let her dad give her it to get her used to the bottle and other people. i also gave her a dummy which i didnt give my first which is a god send!! the last feed of the night i give my baby a bottle of formula milk as i feel this settles her but b___stfeed her reast of the time.


Kiersten - April 9

Congratulations on your son! I've always heard you can never overfeed a b___stfed infant. However, feeding him around the clock like that is stressful for everyone involved! How much does he sleep during the day? When he nurses (daytime) do you let him fall asleep? Newborns are hard to keep awake for the first week or two, but I personally found that my ds did much better when I fed him, tried to keep him up for a while and then put him to nap. I was letting my ds fall asleep thinking he needed it, only to have him wake up 25 minutes later grumpy. Rub his feet, talk to him while he eats, sing, wet washcloth on the feet or face, strip him to his diaper...whatever you have to do to keep him up. It sounds to me like he's getting himself into the habit of snacking, which is very easy to do since in the beginning babies will fall asleep while nursing, not taking in a full feeding. Try not to look at the clock when you feed him and just concentrate on him getting a good, full feeding. As he gets older he will fall into a routine and will probably work himself into a 2 1/2 -3 hour schedule, but for now try really hard to keep him awake. Eat, play, sleep. My ds (4 months) is sleeping 11-12 hours each night now and I think that simple routine is the trick. I'm not a doctor and definitely call yours if that'll ease your mind, but those are just some things that I did that helped. Enjoy motherhood (they grow sooooo fast!!) and congrats!!!


krc - April 10

it is my understanding that colic tends to be more prevalent in babies who drink formula or a b___stfeeding mother who consumes alot of dairy. So I wouldn't worry about colic, but my son used me for a pacifier at night and it really got aggravating after awhile.


E586467 - April 10

No you can't over feed a bf baby. My son did exactly the same thing - slept great through the day, wanted b___b all night. The child nurse suggested I don't let him sleep to long during the day by waking him for a feed, so that he fed every 3-4 hours during the day, & wasn't 'hungry' all night. Also after a night feed if he woke too soon for more, my husband would get up to him so he learned to go to sleep without b___b (we also encouraged him to take the dummy). It took some time (about a week) but he did learn to feed more during the day and sleep more at night. Hope this helps.


tryingx3 - April 11

swaddle, swaddle, swaddle... :-) that was the only way to get any rest - I read somewhere that on average most swaddled babies gave mom 15 more minutes of sleep. As you know by now 15 minutes can seem like an eternity compared to nothing. My dd was also intolerant of milk in my diet - she cried for the first 3 weeks of life - I gave up chocolate and all dairy until she 3 months old. Just a thought.


joy28 - April 11

Thanks for the advice. We've started a routine at night and will continue. I think he's not a fan of the co sleeper since he'll sleep in his swing or on our chest but not there. Many of you said keep him awake in the evening, but how do you keep a week and a half old awake? We strip him doen to eat, bounce him around, tickle his toes, he'll sleep through it all!


cynnababy - April 15

When my daughter is less than 2 weeks old, she will only sleep on mu chest. Not right next to me, or in her ba__sinet. Only on my chest. Lucky for me, she has pa__sed this phase now that she is 4 weeks old. Swaddling helps a lot!


maryg - April 20

Joy--keep working on getting your baby to sleep in the cosleeper. We gave in and let our daughter sleep in our bed and now she won't sleep anywhere else! I wish someone had warned me about that. As far as the all night nursing, I read (Dr Sears' Baby Book) that you can try nursing every 2 hours in the daytime, waking the baby up to feed him/her to get them used to the new schedule. When we were pregnant, they were up all night while we slept (or at least my baby was!) and slept through the day as we were "rocking" them to sleep while walking around. It takes a while for them to reverse day/night but more day nursing will help your newborn start to get it. I agree that nighttime routines are really helpful too. Good luck!



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