New To BF Couple Questions

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Shanna - January 20

I have been bf my (almost) 2 week old ds and had a couple of questions since this is my first time br___tfeeding. I have to use a shield sometimes since I have "flat" nipples and cannot get him to latch on very well. Is it normal for the nipples to feel a bit sore after using these? Have also noticed that the surface of my nipples are a bit sore, not always (it comes and goes) kinda feels like pin p___ks and are sensitive. No shooting br___t pain or fevers. Its also a bit uncomfortable for anything to rest against them. I've been using the Lansinoh (sp?) cream on them since they were a bit dry in the beginning. I also use a pump between feedings once in awhile if I feel too full. Is this normal in the beginning to feel this kind of nipple pain?


Ciarasmom - January 20

I had the same problem with my right nipple being flat. I used the nipple shield for a couple of weeks and noticed that my nipple was getting pinched and hurt when my dd fed. I was also worried about using the shield because I heard she would get used to it and perhaps not want to take the b___st without it. Thankfully this did not happen, but once I stopped using the shield I noticed my milk seemed too low and I did not seem to have enough milk to feed her ( I read it can reduce ur milk supply by 60%) so now I have been taking fenugeek and blessed thistle to get my supply back up. My midwife also suggested me getting a b___st pump to bring out my nipple ( 2-3x a day for 10min), I found this worked a lot better than using the shield. My right nipple is now fine and she is starting to latch on perfectly. I hope helps you. I also wanted to tell you that with the shield she gained the 1/2 -1 ounce a day but with just the b___st she gained 6 ounces in 3 days. I know there is not much choice when the most important thing is to feed ur baby, but if u can get him to latch without the shield u will notice he will feed for a shorter time and seem more full. Oh and yes ur nipples do feel sore, even with just the b___st, until ur baby can latch on properly, putting b___stmilk on them helps heal them also.


EB - January 21

Are your nipples normally flat? Or is it flat due to being engorged. If it is due to being engorged, you can express some milk prior to BF to get the nipple to stand out more to help baby latch better. Unfortunately, you can get the painful tingling of the nipples without the shield. I have had this tingling pain on both nipples without any shields. And like you, it is painful when anything rubs against my nipples including bras and shirts. However, I'm 5wk into BF and the pain has somewhat diminished and is intermittent. And funny thing is when my DS is BF I feel less pain and also recently that sensation diminishes after he feeds. This leads me to wonder if the tingling pain sometimes is a result of my b___sts being full.


Shanna - January 21

thanks ladies, and yes, my nipples are normally flat. I have been using the shield on my left side for a few minutes then take it off and he will normally latch right on, not too much luck with the right side. Have also been drinking the tea with fenugreek in it. Had no idea the sheild could reduce the supply, gonna have to really work on him latching on better. and that nipple pain, I also do not notice it when he is eating.



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