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caseyann - October 17

Hello ladies. I have a 5 week baby boy and have been br___t feeding since birth. I sometimes think I have the hang of it but honestly every day is different and I have been having a few bad days lately with this. I am adament that I want to continue doing this exclusively for at least 6 months so I am hoping I can get some advise from some of you that are pros at this. First off I am very good about my diet and watch what I eat, not eating too much or too little, and very healthy foods. Also i drink alot of fluids, water etc.. I went back to work 3 and a half weeks after having my son ( I had no choice financially), 3 1/2 weeks after a c-section delivery. I started pumping within a week and a half of delivery and have froze roughly 8 of Lansinoh freezer bags filled with milk. I work 6am to 3pm and my work allows me to split my hour lunch into two half hour breaks, I live right beside my work so I am able to actually br___t feed several times a day and in the evening I continue to br___t fee and pump between feedings to store even more milk, also to cover in case the baby gets hungry between feedings. Also I am br___tfeeding through the night and day (after midnight through 3pm) every 3 hours, and evenings is more often usually every 2 hours. I have noticed when I pump my amount I get always varies, sometimes it goes from a extreme low of less then a ounce from both sides, or more then 3 ounces both sides. I dont know how to make this more consistent. I will not be able to do this with my lunches forever and I need to start storing more milk but with this variation it makes it hard. Also I noticed the baby is very fussy sometimes and has a very hard time latching on, its just randomly this happens, but usually when the day starts this way, he will have problems all day. He will latch on then move his head around and get very upset cry a little, then latch on for another 30 seconds, and repeat over and over. Any ideas why this happens and how to resolve? Sorry for such long question but I want to be able to continue to do this so I want to make sure I am doing everything right. Thank you!!


FrancesM - October 17

Caseyann, the fussiness and latching and unlatching could be a belly ache/gas. That is what they told me at the hospital when I had my baby. You can try Mylacon drops. That seems to really help with gas. Give it to him before your nurse him. They also told me if he gets like that to just try to comfort him the best you can and try to burp him. They also said to be stomach to stomach (bare skin) with him. Not sure why but that was a suggestion they gave me. Good luck.


stefkay - October 19

Hi caseyann, I have had both of these issues with the amount pumped and the fussiness. Like Frances said, try some gas drops but also my daughter did this frequently until about 8 or 9 weeks. After that she still does it but not as often. Lately shes been doing it a LOT though. My lactation consultant told me it could also be either you have a fast letdown and the milk comes out too fast basically so it bothers him. You can try to lean back some to ease that or feed lying on your side with him facing you on his side. It could be the flip side though and he is not getting it fast enough (slow letdown) if he does this only for the first few minutes and then gets it. I always wondered if it's happening more now because I feed my daughter 1-2 bottles of pumped b___stmilk from the freezer (stored) a day and she never fusses with that. It is so much easier to get it out of the bottle than the b___st. They have to really work to get it out of the b___st so I wonder if it is just frustration? Also nurse in a dim, quiet room. I found my daughter will not feed in the living room with the tv on unless she is really tired. She is almost 4 months old though so she is easily distracted now. Anyways, I wanted to give up almost every day of the first 2 months. I was told it would get better after a couple of weeks and it took me so long. I had a lot of nipple pain too that never went away until 2 months. Oh! and make sure he is comfortable and latched on correctly. I got lazy after a while and wasn't being a strict about how I was holding her. I went back to holding her head properly, latching her on correctly, etc. and it made a difference. Now she doesn't care so much about the position since she is bigger, but yours is still young.*****On the pumping, I still get random amounts. Sometimes I'll get less than 1oz out of one side and 3 from the other also. It's weird. Basically I store my milk with one feeding in each bag since I only give her a bottle here and there (I work from home) when we go out to the store, etc. I put 3.5oz in each bag. I will pump in the morning (milk supply is highest before noon, my LC told me) and normally I'll get aroun 3-5 oz at that pumping, sometimes a bit more or less. I try for 7oz so I can get 2 bags of milk for the freezer a day if possible. I disconnect the bottles and sheilds from the tubing (I have a double electric pump) and I will just put those in the fridge with the milk in them until I pump again in a couple of hours. I just add to that milk and then when I get the amount I want I put it in the Lansinoh storage bags and take the pump parts apart and clean them. I found this cuts down on all the time cleaning the parts if I don't get as much at one pumping as I need. This could help for you since you do it so much. I found that when I pump I make more milk so I get fuller more often and then when my daughter goes to latch on I think my milk comes out too fast. It sounds like you pump a lot so this could be happening to you. I found some great b___stfeeing info at kellymom dot com, drjacknewman dot com and I think another of his sites is thebirthden dot those sites he has video of b___stfeeding and discusses different issues and problems. A ton of help. Also la leche league site is helpful. I had a lactation consultant to call so I used them a lot too and it helped me. I hope my rambling helped some.... :)


stefkay - October 19

p.s. I also found out the other day that you only need to clean the pump parts with warm soapy water. The lactation consultant told me this and the woman at the hospital where I buy new parts. I had been wasting tons of time cleaning and sterlizing everyday.



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