Nipple Biter

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wv_red - October 2

Yup just as the t_tle says... my 4 month old has commenced to biting my nipples when she eats! It hurts and she doesnt have any teeth! How do I discourage her from doing this? I tell her "ouch" everytime and she just looks at me like she understands then goes back to nursing nicely but later on in the day or the next one I get a chomp. Yes she is teething, so does that have anything to do with it? Her gums are red but no white spots on them yet. I really just dont want to have to stop nursing due to the biting so I want to stop this ASAP! Thank you ladies ahead of time!


Whitney - October 2

My son used to do this when he was about 5 months (he's now 3) when I nursed him, & it ended real quick ... each time he did it, it hurt like hell & actually suprised me at the time so the first few times I let out a yell or small scream of pain & took him off me right away. Sometimes my scream would end up scaring him a bit & he would start crying. After that whenever he would do it, again I would stop nursing & say "no" in a really loud stern tone (one that he was not used to hearing from me, & I think he really didn't like), so eventually after about a month he stopped. I think he figured out every time he bit he, he would a side of me he's not used to & didn't like, so he quit. I nursed him untill 11 months & he had 6 teeth by that time & we never had any other problems.


E586467 - October 3

If you are serious about b___stfeeding for some time, whatever you do DON'T yell or scream if you can help it. I did this with my 4mth dd (now 3.5yrs) & it gave her such a scare that she refused the b___st & would cry & arch her back EVERYTIME I tried to feed her thereafter. She refused to feed & was completely weaned by 5mths. With ds (now 16mths) he too started biting around 4mths & this time I would firmly say NO BITING (without yelling) & take him off the b___b, wait a minute & pop him back on for another go. If he bit again I would repeat the NO BITING, take him off the b___b & end the feed. By the time an hour or two had pa__sed he was soooo hungry that if he did bite at his next feed, he'd only do it once. It only took him a few feeds to figure out that biting meant NO b___b, so he soon learnt not to bite. I was able to b___stfeed him until 13.5mths & only stopped as I am pregnant again & he self weaned. Hope this helps.


wv_red - October 3

thank you ladies!! I need all the help i can get, lol. i hope we get a successful outcome too!


sarah21 - October 26

Well for me my daughter has two teeth now and is almost 7 months. She started biting this past week and when she does it it catches me off guard and I half-yell "ouch!" and yank her off. The last time she did it she bit me so hard I lightly swatted her b___t out of instinct. Nothing hard and she didn't cry or anything I just couldn't help it. She kind of looks at me, sometimes she smiles, and if she goes back to nursing I let her continue but if she bites again I don't let her have anymore for a while. She hasn't bit me in almost a week now so maybe it's worked.



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