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M. - September 8

I don't know if anyone will have any answers to this question, but I might as well try. I'm 39 weeks pregant with my second baby, and I'm having a hard time with one of my br___ts, the nipple and areola area are very sore. The other side is sore, but not nearly as much. The other weird things I've noticed is that I have about 8 skin tags all over the br___t and nipple that are sore, and there is a white spot in the center of the nipple that has been there since I began br___tfeeding my first child (2 years.) I had trouble with this br___t hurting the whole time I bf my first baby. Does anyone have any similiar experience or know what this might be?


Katie - September 8

Have you ever asked your doctor?


Leyla - September 8

The white spot on your nipple is probably a nipple blister (or "bleb"). Usually they are accompanied by plugged milk ducts, but I'm a__suming that if you've had one for 2 years that you don't have any plugged ducts. Maybe you did at one time and the ducts drained but the blister remained. It's recommended that you apply a hot compress to the blister and maybe a bit of Polysporin if it looks like it's not healing. (I have had this experience as well). It was probably caused by a poor latch on that side -- your baby is sucking funny and it might help to shift her position (or just watch for this with your next baby). Make sure that the baby is taking in more of the areola below that above the nipple and that her tongue is far out before latching on; make sure she doesn't shift around while on too. I would have the nipple checked out by a lactation consultant before you start feeding your new baby. There's no reason why you should have to go through any pain while b___stfeeding. As for the skin tags, I developed them underneath my b___sts while b___stfeeding -- not sure why; I thought it might be from the friction of my clothing (?). Sorry -- don't have any answers to why your one nipple is sore now, during pregnancy, but it does sound like something you should have your OB/midwife/GP check out soon. Good luck!


M. - September 9

Thanks, Leyla, I appreciate your answer. I will definitely not hesitate to call the lactation consultant again this time if I have trouble with it when I start bf again, she was wonderful last time. I'm wondering if I have trouble with the right b___st because I'm right handed and it feels more natural to feed on the left side, and we just didn't get good latching on that side. Well, I'm glad for the answer anyway. It's not going to stop me from bf, but if there's anything I can do about the pain, I will!!



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