Nipple Pain From Breast Pumping

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T. - August 13

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what might relieve nipple soreness from pumping. I have been exclusivley pumping because my baby swallowed maconium and hasn't been able to start eating on her own, so I've been pumping away and my nipples are very sore. Any tips on pain relief would be very appreciated. Thanks!


anne - August 13

i get it too, and especially when i need to pump. it hurts like hell doesn't it?! i ma__sage my nipples and around the area before i start pumping and it seems to help a lot. try a warm washcloth too. they say a hot shower prior helps - but i find i lose a lot of milk in the shower and cant pump much afterward.


tara - August 24

My nipples get extremely soar when I pump but I find that wetting them with some b___st milk after pumping and letting it air dry really helps. You can also use Lansinoh cream on them - it works really well and it's also safe to b___st feed with this cream.


wondering - August 24

what b___st pumps do you guys use? i hear some bad ones can damage b___st tissue.


T. - August 24

Mine is an electric Evenflo. Now that I can b___stfeed my baby, my nipples haven't been as sore.


anne - August 25

i am using the new lansinoh electric b___st pump. although i was happy with it, i have found it to be cheaply made. the bottles are tiny and only go up to 4 ounces, the bottles are also dollar-store cheap and they keep popping out of the handle WHILE i am pumping so i spill milk sometimes. it's really lame. it cost us about 150.00 at walmart. what a terrible investment. also.. i need to sit there and press a tiny hole to make the suction. my thumbs are raw, my wrists hurt and i cant use both suctions for both b___sts - nearly impossible to balance.


wondering - August 25

here's a list of good brands 1.ameda 2.avent(but only manual pump) 3.medela(especially the PIS) 4. Hollister 5. the first years. And here's a list to avoid: 1.eventflo(the hurt and can cause damage to b___st tissue) 2. Gerber (thy just don't work) 3. pigeon (they hurt and don't work) 4. tollyjoy(breaks easily) .


wondering - August 25

and here's a review for the lansinoh electric : Bad pump by kpny2k,Jun 21 '05 Pros: Easy to use Cons: Doesn't suck properly When I saw the price for this pump at Wal Mart for $147.00, I thought it'd be a great money saver considering the price for most pumps starts at $250.00. Well, I saved money, but I suffered in the end. The suction on this pump hurts! Not only that, I was never able to pump more than 1 oz...when I was engorged! I strongly feel that this pump contributed to me getting mast_tis as well. I had it twice, both times after I used the pump. There was not one thing I liked about it. If someone has better luck with it, please let me know! Ladies, if you are going to b/f you have to be pampering your b___sts not abusing them with these poor excuses of b___stpumps.


Jenn... - August 25

If you are having pain while pumping it could be do to a few different reasons. You could have yeast on your b___sts. If you or your baby was treated with antibiotics during delivery or after you may have yeast which can be extremely painful and will pa__s back and forth between you until treated. Also it could be that your nipples are too wide for your pump, however not many companys make wider flanges (I only know of medela making a larger size) You can try putting the Lansinoh on before pumping as a lubricant if your nipples rub against the sides of the flange.


anne - August 25

towondering - thanks for posting that. i get lttle out of my lans pump like that poster, its pretty lame. i wish i never spent the 150 for it!



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