Nipple Pain Latching On

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Stacey - April 12

My baby was born April 4th. It took him 24 hours to start eating and then he gave me blisters. I finally found a good nurse who taught me how to get him to latch properly. The blisters/scabs are gone now but I still have excrutiating nipple pain. They say he is still latched on right. Anyone have advice?


michelle - April 12

Breastfeeding shouldn't be excruciating. Get another opinion on whether he is latched correctly. Try experimenting a little to see if another position feels better. Try the football hold, cradle hold, etc. to see if that helps. Get checked for thrush or mast_tis, because if he blistered your nipples he could have given you an infection. Sometimes it takes a little while before b___stfeeding feels good - you may not be used to it yet. If you are really in pain, call your dr. Dc #2 blistered my nipple in the hospital, 10 days later I had mast_tis. Hopefully you don't :) Good luck.


Anonymous - April 12

Is he opening his mouth wide enough to cover all of the areola? What about his lip position? My son was doing OK with the latter, but I still had pain. Then I discovered that his lips weren't pursed like they should be (i.e. turned out, not in). You might have to pull on your b___st a little to check this, but it really stopped the pain once I got it fixed. I had to help him for a week or so, but he finally got it right on his own. The pain could also just be from sucking. Boys are more vigorous suckers too! (I had no pain with my first, a girl.) Just keep at it, try to relax. The pain will stop eventually.


jeanie - April 13

At 16 days old now (March 28), I can tell you that it DOES get better.... where I went through a short period of real pain (he had a ga__sy belly and wanted to nurse every half hour)... now there is a moment of pain when he first starts suckling - then it quickly wanes... Lil guy latched on to hubby's finger last night and I heard (from the next room) "OUCH! You suck THAT hard on Momma's b___by and she LETS YOU?!" Do use the lactation consultants though... My insurance allows for a home-health lactation consultant to visit my home... perhaps you can find something similar?


jennifer - April 29

is their blanching of your nipples? If you are seing color changes and excruciating pain that does't go away, I would consult my OB. Maybe it is Raynauds.



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