Nipple Sensitivity Pain While Bfing My 11 Mth Old Preggers

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newlywed0915 - May 28

So I am 10 days late, but my cycles are on a 60 day...because my son still nurses 6 to 8 times a day. My last period was a month and a couple days late. So I haven't had a period since April 17th...but at the same time...I'm not counting on it being pregnancy, since my cycle was so long the last time. THe only thing is... I've noticed I have to pee a lot more, even though I don't drink more than I used to, and my bladder is usually pretty strong. Yesterday I had mild cramping...but The other thing is that since yesterday,maybe even the day before, its been hurting to nurse my son. Its like hes biting my nipple when he latches, but I KNOW thats not what hes doing. Is anyone on here pregnant and nursing and did you get this as a symptom? I've had 2 negative Sunday and one Wednesday. So I just kind of don't want ot test for a while. Do you think I could be preggers? Or why do my nipples hurt so bad?


Kiersten - June 2

Hi, I remember you. Well, I became pregnant with my daughter while my son was exclusively nursing and that was one of my first symptoms. VERY tender nipples and b___sts. I also started to feel light cramping which I hadn't since a few days after he was born. Are you using protection? Is there a chance that your son wasn't latched right and bruised your nipple? Do you usually experience tenderness at the beginning of your period or around ovulation? You have two of the symptoms that I had with dd so...maybe an early congrats? :)I totally understand not wanting to test for a while. Maybe wait until the end of this week and test again. Good luck!


newlywed0915 - July 5

Hi Kiersten! Well, its been a while since I posted and I did get my period back(must've been a bad latch due to teething or something)..and I'm "late" again...but I dunno if I'm really late because my cycles are still irregular! I've been really moody and tired lately...and noticed my b___bs look veiny, but it could be because I've gotten tan...and I'm about to start my period. Who knows! I took a test Thurs and it was I might wait 2 wks to test again. I really would like to be preggers now...before Ocotber...because I would like an early spring/early summer baby again. Lol. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept in till 8 and went back to sleep with my DS at 10 till 11:30. I dunno if Im preggers or if im jsut tired all the time from running around with him! LOL


potter-nut - November 3

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to suggest that it might help you if you started charting your BBT. that way you would see if your temps rise and hold a luteal phase count (at least 10 days) to know if you're even ovulating at this point. i had some really long cycles (58 days) when my nursing baby was a little younger (before 7 months old). i was charting, so i knew that even though the cycles were long, i wasn't even ovulating for the first few, so i didn't waste money on hpt's. the after 7 months, the cycles showed a distinct temp change and i was then able to tell if i was actually "late" or not. try reading "taking charge of your fertility" by toni weschler. good luck to you!



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