Nipple Shield

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Rainie - January 30

B--t feeding has really proven to be very difficult for me! I had to have a c-section last minute and because there were a few concerns about the sound baby made when breathing he had a bunch of tests right away so I didnt get to see him until 3 hours after birth, so I blame that a little. But also my nipples are a little on the flat side, so I had to tape formula tubes to my br___t to get baby to even latch in the hospital, then when milk came he really hated my nipples! So I had to pump br___t milk and tape a tube to my finger and finger feed him! This continued until they gave me a nipple shield wich worked out really well, except now the nurses from the hospital keep calling me and asking if he is off the nipple shield yet and just taking my nipple. Well over the past couple days he has taken my nipple without the shield a few times, but when he wants the nipple shield he wants the nipple shield or else he throws a huge fit! He is now 10 days old, should I be concerned about still having to use the nipple shield? When will he stop needing it??


Kendra - February 12

My son wouldn't take my nipple either, the nurses at the hospital gave me a nipple shield, it worked great although it was akward! Luckily, I stuck with it and didn't give up. At four months, my son finally latched on to my nipple and I never had to use the shield again. So keep using the shield if that's what works for you. Offer your baby your b___st frequently, and eventually he will take it!


Maleficent - February 12

nipple sheilds can make nursing more difficult so it's best to ditch them as soon as possible. try to offer the nipple before he's getting fussy and he may accept it better. it's hard to figure out when it's almost time for a feeding, but once he's worked up and crying he's not going to want to put in the extra effort of nursing directly from the nipple so offering the b___st frequently could really help. there are alot of wonderful sites to give support to nursing moms, LLL has one, there is, and you sound like you are very commited to giving your baby the very best nutrition availiable, keep going! your almost over the biggest hurdle nursing moms face, it gets alot easier after the first few weeks.



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