Nipple Shields

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piratesmermaid - July 23

There is a God, and He came to me in plastic!! :P I was having some painful and stressful br___tfeeding times, and as it turns out I have flat nipples, so she couldn't get a proper latch on, plus she's such a frantic eater she was getting so frustrated. Friday, we had a welcome home visit from the public health nurse, and she brought nipple shields. They look really funny, but if anyone is having a similar problem, they work wonders!! Now she latches on right away without a single fuss and I feel like she's getting more milk at each feeding. Just wanted to let you know, if you're struggling these might work and they're great!


AlissaF - July 24

I agree with you on the nipple shields. My nipples are not flat, but my aerola is huge and my little guy wasn't able to latch on correctly. With the shield, I don't have the pain of regular b___stfeeding and he actually eats. I'm trying to wean him off now (he is 5 weeks), but it is hard. If he's calm, he does alright, but when he wants food NOW, he can't latch on. Another good thing about the shields is that if you choose a bottle with similiar nipples, you can also bottle feed without the nipple confusion.


piratesmermaid - July 24

Our pediatrician recommended introducing bottles quickly since we wanted to do both to allow my hubby some feeding time as well. And it was so much easier for her to eat with the bottles, and like you said, the nipple shield is just like another bottle nipple and it makes things easy. My little girl has gotten a couple bottles of formula as well, just to make sure that if a situation arises where that's all she's able to get, that she'll take that without a problem. And luckily we've had no problems at all. She'll take anything she can get her mouth around that has something in it! :)


Susan W - July 24

I used them, but a couple words of caution. 1) they may make your supply drop. I didn't have that problem, but I know some women who have and 2) they can seriously interfere with nursing. You will have to wean the baby from them. I was able to do this around 3 months, but it took a lot of work . .. . .And your ped is incorrect. Introducing a bottle too soon will make it harder to nurse, which could be why you are having some of the problems you describe! Hold off on a bottle for 4-6-8 weeks, or until nursing is *very *well established. Otherwise, you risk destroying nursing. Been there, done that. Took me 8 weeks of hard work to overcome it. . . . Best advice, do not take anything a ped says as gospel regarding nursing. They have zero training in it. Your best bet is to contact an LC or LLL.


piratesmermaid - July 24

I've had a LC come by the house a couple days ago, and she's coming by again tomorrow, and she knows we're doing the bottle thing too, and understands why and thinks it's a good idea. She and the rest of the LC/nurses she works with have only seen one baby get nipple confusion, the rest have been fine. The only problem we've had in regards to my girl not taking the b___st was last night. Her 3am feeding went perfectly, and it's been really good all day today. THey've also said that since she's a bigger baby could also contribute to both her hunger level and her ease with taking both b___st and bottle. I understand what you're saying, Susan, and I am keeping an eye on how she takes to the bottle/b___st to see if there is a problem forming, but the bottle is MAYBE a once a day thing, so my hubby can have some bonding time, and I can take a decent nap! :)


Susan W - July 25

LOL, I had an eleven and a half pound baby at birth. No joke, and that is not a typo. Exclusively b___stfed once I figured out that the ONE bottle someone gave my son really messed things up. I would just be very careful, and it sounds like you have some good help. Good luck. BTW, once you learn to nurse laying down, you get a great nap . . .those hormones kick in :)



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