Nipples After Breastfeeding

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TSK - March 8

I have already decided to bf after my baby is born. however, well meaning relatives have been discouraging me from it with things like "Oh, your nipples will be the size of half of your little finger once you're done. I sure you don't want that..." Does that really happen??


michelle - March 8



michelle - March 8

Actually, they will probably be a little bigger but my husband thinks that's cool. It's pregnancy that induces changes in your b___sts and nipples. Check out some b___stfeeding info websites. ProMom has a 101 Reasons to Breastfeed. Trot it out for your relatives.


TSK - March 8

thanks michelle. it's just that i've never heard of this before. but my decision will still be to bf either way. :)


Nikki - March 8

The suction from the baby's mouth does help to "draw out the nipple" a bit, and mine are actually longer than they were, but it's not "the size of half of your little finger" and it's not unsightly at all either. My husband has no aversions to my nipples! LOL.


TSK - March 9

ok.. now i got a new one from them... they are now saying not only will nipples elongate, they'll turn black too... considering my colouring of brown now... Why is it that they have so much against it?? It is still ME who will be bf-ing...!!


michelle - March 9

Turn black? Where are these ppl getting this from? Skin pigment changes are common during pregnancy. Nipples darken, dark patches on face, dark line on belly sometimes happen. Pregnancy causes these not b___stfeeding. I don't know why they have a problem with bf. I do know that it can be frustrating to deal with those kinds of comments. I came across a site that had good responses for annoying comments. Let me see if I can find it and I'll post it.


Rosalie - March 22

I had inverted nipples before I started to bf but now they are are perkey. My husband likes them as I do.



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