Nipples Cracked PLEASE HELP

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denimbutterfly - October 31

my nipples are cracked and are killing me when he eats. What REALLY helps? the Lanilosh (sp?) cream seems to make it worse- so unless someone has used it and it made things worse before making it better- don't tell me that stuff! PLEASE help!!!


excited2bemama - October 31

My nipples hurt SO bad for the first few weeks too- it does get better. One of them was cracked and peeling too. I didn't find that the lanolin cream helped either. The only thing that made them soft was after your lo eats express some b___st milk onto your nipple or hand and rub it into your nipple.. then let your nipples air dry or stand in front of a fan.. Seriously I would walk around topless for a few min after every feeding to let the b___stmilk dry into the nipples and to let the air help toughen them up. It does work. Also make sure your lo is latched properly.. google it and you will get pics or have a lacation consultant checl his latch,


L1NDZ - October 31

Talk to a lactation consultant ~ i received a prescription for a cream that contained a anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in it and it helped!!! The lactation consultant gave me the recipe and i gave it to my Dr. who wrote the prescription. Hope this will help you! Also try tea bags. Wet them with warm water then put on nipples. Don't does get better and you will enjoy every minute of bf! Seriously....


denimb__terfly - November 1

this is my third baby- I know it gets better, but he is now 6 weeks old and it still hurts! I don't remember it hurting this long before. And, I know they have already gone over the whole toughening period, but the cracks have not gone away. My doctor (a 60+ year old MAN) just said try putting some baby oil on them??? I didn't really think about that until I got home and then thought- is that safe for the baby to eat after??? I guess I will try the putting the b___stmilk on them thing- seems weird though. Isn't that how you get mat_tis from b___stmilk that enters back into your b___st (through cracks) and gives you an infection?


maryg - November 1

this happened to me in the first week or two. I found those gel pads to help. You just have to remember to wipe off your nipples before feeding because the surface of the pads isn't safe for baby. Additionally, I did the b___st milk/airing out thing after feedings. It took a few days though! I feel terrible for you, it was really rough. Once we get past this and my baby was latching on well, we never had this problem again. BTW, I think masittis is caused by unresolved blocked ducts (had those too!), not by cracked nipples.


JessC531 - November 1

I had this problem too. My lactation consultant told me NOT to put b___stmilk on them... that it's a myth and it actually can cause infection. I used a prescription cream and pumped instead of bfing for a few weeks. It sucked, but I healed and haven't had any problems since. GL!


excited2bemama - November 1

Rubbing b___stmilk into your b___sts DOES not cause an infection and is recommended by La leche Leaugue.. I did not make it up. Mastisis is an infection inside your b___sts and is not caused by b___stmilk reentering your b___sts- Its caused by blocked and clogged milk ducts. If b___stmilk on nipples caused mastisis we woudld all constantly have mast_tis.. think about it - every time your finish nursing there is some leftover milk on your nipples that drops off or drys on there.I don't think I would use baby oil b/c its not really safe to eat.


lily10 - November 1

I used the sooting gel pads by gerber. They helped the most and they are what the lactation consultants at my hospital recommended. I don't see why b___stmilk would cause an infection but I personally never tried it. After time your nipples will toughen up and it will not hurt at all.


Val - November 2

I had cracked nipples for several months... a lactation consultant I saw at about 12 weeks was amazed that I hadn't had a b___st infection yet. She told me about the prescription nipple ointment (info about it is at Kellymom dot com) and my doctor called it in (it has to be made at a compounding pharmacy). The ointment, combined with trying to nurse a bit less on the side that was worse, finally helped, although it took 2 more months before they finally completely healed. I used the Lansinoh from the start and it didn't seem to help - may have made it worse but I'm not sure. I do express a little b___stmilk on the nipples after feeding and I think that does help. I also put it on any cuts ds gets (like if he scratches himself with his nails) and they heal really quickly. Definitely get help with the latch... my problem was caused by a poor latch (despite numerous consults)... he was creasing the nipple, causing the crack, and by the time I saw the really helpful nurse (who told me about the nipple ointment) it was too late to change his latch. Good luck.


JessC531 - November 2

Excited, I wasn't suggesting you made it up. I've heard it so many times too, and thought it was true. The LC told me leaving milk on there could help yeast to grow... Maybe this was because she already suspected I had yeast? She thought that might make it worse? I don't know. But I was so bad the only thing that helped was the medicated cream. You're right though - I always have milk on me! It would be impossible not too. Hmmm... Maybe she just didn't know what she was talking about...


britt_m - November 3

Breastmilk can be a concern for yeast but thats the reason you let them air dry so the nipples don't stay moist for long periods of time,but you still get all the healing stuff from the milk. I didn't have cracked nipples ever, but I was extremely sore for over 3 months : (. I seen a LC and everything was ok, so maybe my nipples just took a long time to toughen up. I would definately try putting some milk on them after each feeding, even a second time if you want and have a few extra minutes. Just make sure they're dry before you put your bra or anything on so moisture doesn't set in there. Heres a website with some tips:



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