Nite Time Feeding Position Question

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c - January 21

i have a question for everyone, when you guys are feeding at nite, how many of you use that side lying position? and if you do, what exactly is the correct positioning? i can't seem to figure it out, and i would love to use it, because now that my daughter is getting a little older, she likes to nurse for longer, and i figure at least if i can lay down while she does it, i can get some extra rest at nite....if any one can help, i would appreciate it...thanks!


Christy - January 21

You both lie on your side tummy-to-tummy facing each other. Her mouth should be in line with your b___st. The toughest thing for me in that position is getting a good latch and not leaking onto the sheets. For comfort, I like to put a pillow between my knees and have my hips slightly rotated toward the baby. I hope that helps!


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 21

I used to nurse Natalee that way at night for a while (she usually won't fall asleep that way anymore). The side-lying position does get eaiser as they get older. There is pictures of exactly how to do on a website I saw one time, I just can't remember which one. Someone at gave it to me. But Christy explanied it well.


Jenn... - January 21

A good way to figure out the side lying posistion is to get your baby latch on in the cradle posistion. Once that is done just lay down. I am still holding Blake in the cradle position (with my arm around him) when we lay down to nurse.


mom42 - January 21

I have used that position with both of my kids. In my case, it actually helped us acheive a better latch. My baby and I prefer it. I like nnot having the stress on my back and arms and being able to do other stuff (I'm actually feeding her that was now). I think she likes to snuggle up by me.


Shannon - January 21

i do itlike Christy, tummy to tummy with her in line with my b___st. for my comfort i don't lay with my body on my arm. i have it up under my head, underneath my pillow. it might take a bit of practice getting the position just right.


Christy - January 22

I like Jenn's suggestion too. I may try that sometime.



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