No Bottle EVER

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Ruby - February 17

Are there any moms who have gone straight from bf to a cup. My six month old will NOT take a bottle (I stoped trying in the last few months) Im not working so its O.K ...but still I need other Ideas! Any advise , I would love!!! I still want to bf but would like a break with hubby every now and then.


Tina - February 17

I haven't but I know you can. My grandmother never used a bottle she went from b___st feeding to giving water off of a spoon to the cup.


April - February 18

I've never even tried to give my 7 month old a bottle. I tried twice with my first and she wouldn't take it so I stopped trying. My guy will drink from a sippy cup or a regular cup now though they just need practice. I filled a sippy with water and put it with the toys so he could practice.


Samantha - February 18

I have a 4 month old and have tried everything to get him to take a bottle and he never I tried a sippy cup which he sucked on better than the bottle but then just a few days ago I tried just the cup and it works great. You have to give it to him a little at a time but it's better than nothing. I also have tried spoon feeding him from a cup and that worked great too.


mom42 - February 20

My baby refused a bottle. She was 5 months when she started day care and we went straight to a cup (we started cereal/baby food around the same time). She would eat the food and drink a little from the cup. The funny thing is that after about a month of only cup drinking (we gave up on the bottle), she had a new babysitter who didn't realize the whole issue with the bottle. She didn't think she was getting enough with the cup, so she gave her a bottle. AND SHE TOOK IT! So, now she will take a few ounces from one sometimes. Totally crazy. Maybe seeing the other babies using the bottles got her interested? Or maybe she finally got hungry enough, as the ped has told us all along? I have honestly found the food to be a better filler than a bottle when we are away from her for a few hours.


C - February 20

Maybe you can try a sippy cup. I started giving my son a sippy cup at 4 months just so he'd get used to it. Now he's almost 10 months and he does really well with a cup. He does really well with the 4 oz size as opposed to the larger ones.



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