No Breast Milk

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Kate - April 12

Hi, My br___t milk just gone dry all of a sudden, and I don't know why. My daughter is only three weeks old, and I have been feeding br___tfeeding her since day one. Last weekend, we went to see my parents and I forgot my pump, so I br___tfeed only twice a day for two days. The following Monday, I was completely dry. I try pumping again for two days already and still no milk. Does any one know why? Does any one ever had this? I am afraid I have no more br___tmilk. I haven't been eating well or sleeping well lately, could that be the reason? Once your milk is gone, can you still get it back?


michelle - April 12

Why did you b___stfeed only twice a day for two days? Are you pumping and feeding b___stmilk or are you feeding the baby from the b___st? Two days of reduced feedings shouldn't make you go completely dry. Babies typically go through a growth spurt at three weeks. So if your baby is constantly at the b___st right now that may be the reason. The more stimulation of your b___sts, the more milk you will produce. If you haven't been sleeping or eating well or have been tense, you may have problems with supply or with letdown. If you have been strictly scheduling feeds, you will decrease your supply. There are ways of increasing supply or relactating if your milk has significantly decreased. I really don't know enough from your post to offer much in the way of advice. Try contacting a lactation consultant or your local La Leche League leader. Google La Leche League to find the website. Other helpful websites are and I strongly suggest talking to a professional and making her familiar with the particulars of your situation. Good luck.


jeanie - April 13

The labor and delivery nurses at the hospital where you gave birth can help too!


Lisa - April 13

It is probably a combination of all that you have said. Try feeding bub more regularly during the day to stimulate the milk ducts again. I had some trouble with my milk supply recently and the clinic nurse advised me to take fenugreek tablets, you can buy them at any health food shop. The have definitely help get my supply back. If that fails, you can see the doctor for a prescription for tablets to get your supply going again, but you can only use them short term.


Maleficent - April 14

you only nursed 4 times in 2 days? what was your baby eating? and you said you didn't have a pump with you, formula then? if you have been supplementing with formula like that from the start then it's no shock that you've dried up. just becasue the pump didn't get any milk from you doesnt mean that baby wont be able to. there is a big differance between a pump and a baby's suck. your best bet is to get contact a lactation specialist right away. she can help you more than any of us can. it's absolutly possible to start producing again, mothers who adopt childern can start lactation and b___stfeed. you can do this, but you're going to need help. can i ask if you're taking any birth controll? certain ones can have a strong effect on your supply.


Shannon - May 4

I also am experiencing the same problem Kate. I too have been strictly b___stfeeding and have had good and bad days with it, however I've had an overabundance of milk and my daughter lately has only nursed for only 5 minutes on one b___st which concerned me. When I mentioned this to her pediatrician he told me not to worry because she was still gaining weight well now out of no where my b___sts are soft and when I went to pump today I hardly got 1/2 ounce and I'm freaked about it. I suggest to you as I'm going to do- Call Lactation Nurse ASAP! There are things we can do as suggested such as herbal supplements so don't give up hope. I put in way too much time and energy to do this right and I'm not giving up as I'm sure you have. However I would love to know how my milk dried up in one day. Yesterday I pumped twice and got over 3 ounces in each b___st and now today- hardly anything. It's scary I know but there's help out there so go and get some! Good Luck!


shannon - May 4

P.S. I didn't mean you gave up when I stated the sentence "I'm not giving up as I'm sure you have" I meant to say I'm not giving up and I'm sure your not either. Obviously this was a typo, Sorry!


Diana - May 24

Hi,I took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago and it said I wasn't pregnant but my b___st has been producing milk for over a month now. I just recently did not get my period and I dont know what's going on



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