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cmfqueens - June 9

Hello ladies I'm in need of some good information... I want to br___t feed my baby but I don not want the my baby on my br___t at all, not even once. I have a planned c-section due to complications. I want her to get the br___t milk but only want to pump. Can they give her formula in the hopital until I go home and get comfortable, and then I can pump and feed? I 'm brand new at this br___tfeeding, baby number one was bottle feed and she had a lot of ear infections and allergies and I feel that br___t milk would be better but I'm not at all comfortable with the baby feeding from the br___t. I just don't know what to do please help!!!!!!!!


Annette - June 9

In theory, you can do it. Just let the nurses at the hospital know that you want her bottlefed.


olivia - June 9

I'd start pumping at the hospital since your going to be engored before being released on day 4. I am pro b___stfeeding, but you should know my sister has three kids, some were b___stfed and another bottlefed. They all had ear infections and allergies the same. I b___stfed and my dd has had no ear infections or allergies. So it isn't the perfect solution to these particular problems. But it is a healthy choice if you can put up with all the pumping. Good luck with your upcoming delivery!


Mary - June 9

The reason why b___stfeeding reduces the chances of ear infections has just a little bit to do with the b___stmilk itself. Its the position you hold the baby. When you hold your baby during b___stfeeding you are usually tummy to tummy. That allows better ear drainage. When you bottlefeed the baby is cradled on its back instead of it's side.


Susan W - June 10

Mary is right. It's not the b___stmilk, it's the bottles that increase the risk for ear infections. Good luck with your decision.


chris mandola - June 11

Hi, I would guess that for this to work you will need a very good pump as babies can empty the b___st better than a pump. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - June 14

I would definitely invest in a very good quality pump, preferably a double that will do both b___sts at one time. Also, as Olivia said I would go ahead and start pumping at the hospital. You will be sore from your c-section, but the colostrum that your body produces right after birth is very thick and rich in vitamins and nutrients and it doesn't take much to satiate baby. Most hospitals have pumps that you can use and some even give you a hand pump and have the higher grade ones that you can rent. If you still prefer to do formula in the hospital, just make sure that you start pumping as soon as possible after you get home to get a good supply established. I think it is great that you will do whatever it takes to give your baby b___st milk. Also, if you find it overwhelming in the beginning, just keep in mind that you can continue supplementing formula in alternation with b___st milk and increase pumping later when you are recovered to feed b___stmilk only. Good luck!


Ginny - June 14

Call the hospital ahead of time and see if they have a lactation consultant you can speak with, she can let you know what to expect, how to prepare, and what your particular hospital's normal prractices are. Good luck!



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