Nosey Neighbor And Breastfeeding

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Marcy - May 5

My neighbor still br___tfeeds her 4.5 yr old. I have a 2 yr old and he drinks regular milk. The neighbor is always making comments to me about how I am not a good mother since I am not still br___tfeeding. I feel really offended and think its none of her business. My son is 2yrs old. I and drinks cows milk. The Dr.s have no problem with that and I don't think she should either. How to handle her comments?


Anon - May 5

First of all, I Think that its a bit strange to still be b___st feeding at 4.5 years old! Thats just me though. I stopped b___st feeding my baby at 1 year and my mother in law would comment on how she b___st fed longer. I just told her that it was none of her business how I decided to raise my child. Tell your neighbour to mind her own, otherwise she will keep on at you.


J - May 5

"Let us agree to disagree. I'm certain I could find as many people who would be critical of your choice to b___stfeed a 4 year old as you could find who would be critical of my choices. I prefer to think that we each made the right choices for our families. I hope that we can avoid this topic in the future for the sake of our friendship as it has become a matter of opinion with emotions attached."


Maleficent - May 6

oh fun, you have one of THOSE neighbors. i love a good superiority complex. your child is FINE, and hers will be too. the best parenting advice i ever got was from my grandma who told me "if it doesn't go on their resume then don't worry about it." it's not like her kid is going to get in to a better college because he was an extended nurser. i say you need to grow a thick skin when it comes to this woman. if she's this nosey about milk just htink of what she's going to spit at you in reguards to potty training, dicipline, bedtime, and all the other topics people like to compair. my standard responce would be "we are happy with what we are doing, our child is healthy, and i don't have to justify my choices to you." then walk away/hang up/shut the door.



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