Not Enough Milk Supply From Breast

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Iris Tay - March 24

My son is about one month old , but i find that milk supply is getting low , when i try to squeeze out some milk from my br___t , NO supply coming out from my br___t , Worst of all , i only manage to br___t feed my son TWICE ONLY ? What should i do ? I really want to br___t feed HELP !


Maleficent - March 24

get him on the b___st as much as possible. baby is the best tool you have to increase your supply. the sucking motion is what triggers your b___sts to produce more milk. if your supplementing try nursing before each feeding. nurse as long as you can, then just "top off" with formula if he doesn't seem satisfied. try to do a whole day with nursing only. if he's still wetting 8-10 diapers then you're in good shape.


Jodi - March 29

My daughter is almost 5 months old, and I b___stfed exclusively for the first two months and then started implementing some formula when I went back to work. Now I am completely dried up and have to use only formula. When I was b___stfeeding though, I found that drinking a lot of water seemed to help and you may want to try the herb fenugreek, I've heard that it works for a lot of people. It didn't for me, but I think I was already in the process of drying up when I tried it. Good luck!!


iceberg - May 5

not pregnant but contain b___st milk??? how come????


Ali - May 8

Please call the hospital you had the baby at and ask to see a lactation consultant. It sounds like you need more than advice from people on this site to help you and your son with your supply issues. The hospital or clinic will be happy to help you. Just make sure you speak to someone who really knows b___stfeeding. Good luck to you both!


Nikki - May 9

Breastmilk is made on supply/demand basis. The more you b___stfeed, the better your supply. Offer your baby the b___st as often as possible and do this until your supply increases. Also, there are medications you can take as well as supplements that can help increase your supply until you are out of the danger zone for losing your supply. Call your doctor or your baby's pediatrician to see if they can prescribe or recommend something to help you out until you get your supply up. You can also call the hospital where you delivered and request to speak to a certified lactation consultant. This person could be the best possible help you could get. I wish you luck!



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