Not Enough Nutrients

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ca_pink - June 20

My baby is almost 12 weeks and weighs 10 lbs 5 oz (she is close to doubling her birth weight). I feed her 5-7x a day and she usually gets 4-5 oz of br___tmilk per feeding. But, she's been gaining less than 0.5 oz a day. Do you think there's not enough nutrients in my br___tmilk? or could it be that she has a fast metabolism?


Rabbits07 - June 20

From what I have read it is really rare for a mother's milk not to have the required nutrients for her baby to thrive so long as the mother is not severely reducing caloric and fat intake in her own diet. Just out of curiosity, how do you know how much she is gaining per day? (I know there are baby scales available for purchase and I a__sume that's how you know.) Up to 6 months of age they are expected to gain an average of 1-2 lbs. per month, but slight variations in either direction are not always indicative of a problem. Babies are only expected to double their birth weight by 6 months so if she's almost there then she seems to be doing good. Also, the weight they gain in a month is not necessarily evenly distributed day by day so she could only be gaining around .5 oz. this week, but then next week gain much more. If she seems healthy otherwise and your pedi doesn't seem worried then I wouldn't stress over it. The hindmilk has the most fat in it that causes them to gain weight so if you are really concerned you could try having her nurse as long as possible on one b___st. I also read recently that studies had shown that the closer nursings are in frequency the higher the fat content in the milk. I hope this helps.


cab - June 20

Try pumping 1 hour after a feed, so you are getting more hind milk. Baby should gain 4-7 oz / week. It does really depend on genetics. Consult a lactation consultant for advise, as most doctors will try to have you supplement with formula when it is not necessary. I was told it was not possible not to have enough nutrients in b___st milk. I think you are doing great.


ca_pink - June 21

We bought a baby scale shortly after her birth because she lost more than 10% of her body weight when we left the hospital. Since then, the pedi has been closely monitoring her weight gain. At first, she was playing catch-up and was averaging appox. 2 oz/day and then it started to taper off. But at our recent pedi appt, she wasn't alarmed but asked us to track it and come back in so they can monitor it... so now, I'm worried...


cab - June 21

This is exactly what happened to me. I got so much bad advise from doctors. PLEASE consult a lactation consultant or LLL. The f word will be next (formula) Although they did test for uti. Sometimes rarely cause of slow weight gain. Hang in there i know it tough.


krc - June 21

i read that between the hours of 1am - 5am we produce our " fat-milk" more than we do in the daytime. Alot of it depends on your babys genetics and temperment. Hyper babies burn more calories than mild tempered babies. If your baby is long and lean vs. short and chubby that makes a difference. Also your diet influences their metabolism. Remember, " what you eat, they drink" !!! And it is proven that b___stfed babies tend to be leaner than formula fed babies, which is healthier anyways. So dont compare your babies weight gain to that of formula fed babies.


Susan W - June 21

Your b___stmilk is totally adequate. I second Cab's advice -- talk to an LC or LLL before going to formula, which is exactly what your doctor is going to say next (I totally speak from experience!!). And Rabbit is 100% -- weight gain is not steady. They grow in spurts. Who knows, next week maybe your baby will gain a lot more weight! . . .My baby also lost more than 10% of his body weight (he was 11.5 lbs though) and once he gained it back by 2-3 weeks, we didn't worry about it. Those stupid weight charts tick me off. They are based on FF babies, not BF babies!


ca_pink - June 21

Thanks for all your feedback. I have seen a LC couple times... and our pedi is pretty supportive of b___stfeeding... she hasn't pushed us to supplement with formula yet (hopefully she won't). In any case, I have a follow-up appt with an LC. Thanks all!



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