Not Giving Cows Milk Anyone

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jenna32 - January 5

dd is 13 months and i only occasionally give her a glass of cows milk. Does anybody else still not really give their l.o's cows milk at a year? just curious if anyone out there is doing the same thing. Seems like everyone by this stage on the forum gives it regularly. I want to start giving it once a day regularly eventually, just so i know she's getting enough vitamin d and calcium.


britt_m - January 8

Honestly my dd never cared for it. Sometimes she still refuses it at 19 months. I've tried backing off diary products, I in college for a Holistic Health Pract_tioner, so for personal reasons I'm not out to debate with. She gets her vitamins and minerals (same as in milk) through other sources of nutrition like fruits and veggies. I'd say once a day is fine, I offer it at breakfast and whatever she doesn't drink after her nap. So maybe 1 cup total or less. Even though we are backing away from dairy my dd's favorite thing is yogurt, and next favorite snack is cheese, which she does have almost everyday.


jenna32 - January 10

are you still bf'ing? i know what you mean!! my dd won't drink much of it either when i pour her a gla__s.Actually to tell you the truth i am lucky if she ends up drinking half the gla__s or more rarely a full one in a whole day. i don't know how others get them to sit down and drink the whole thing at every meal,3 x a day! She does seem to sleep better when i give her a gla__s of milk and a little juice during the day instead of just water. i kind of felt bad because it seems as though everybody gives their l.o's regular milk by now. So glad there is someone out there now.


britt_m - January 11

I'm not still bfing her, but her brother now He's 3 1/2 months. If you do want her to drink more milk try getting Carnation Instant Breakfast Mix. Its just a powder mix (comes in Choc, Vanilla, Strawberry, etc) but has a whole breakfast worth of nutrients. Its usually found in the cereal isles. Thats been the only way I've gotten her to drink the little bit she does get. I drank it often when I was pregnant, its good. Maybe start her on a multi vitamin if you think she needs a little of something she may not be getting enough of. Or look up some foods high in Vit D and calcium and figure out different ways or meals to include the right amount in place of milk in case she doesn't drink much.


jenna32 - January 12

thanks!! i loove instant breakfast, especially vanilla!i thought about giving it to her but i really never looked at the label to see if it had too much sugar or anything. i figured it must to taste so good,lol. maybe i'll try it anyway.


britt_m - January 12

Honestly I'm sure it does have a lot of sugar from the way it tastes, but our doc recommended the regular syrup. I figured at least with the breakfast mix she'd be getting extra nutrients as well. Good luck and I hope you figure out what works for your little girl.



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