Not Losing Weight Breast Feeding Maybe If I Stop

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Corissa - January 31

I am so upset. I don't eat that much food and have been working out but still not loosing weight. I was wondering if some times when you stop br___t feeding (either from pumping/ or baby directly) if you will start to lose some weight?


moe - February 2

don't stop b___st feeding! It takes time, be patient it will eventually come off!! My sister didn't really lose her weight until after she stopped b___stfeeding. and for me i am losing about 4 lb a month, it just comes off over night. My point is everyone is different and remember all the benefits to b___stfeeding try and stay with it


Wystful - February 8

Stopping b___stfeeding is not the answer. Breastfeeding is burning up calories, stopping it will only add to your problem. Don't expect a huge weight loss fast - it takes time. Weight gained during pg can take a full 9 months to come back off. Don't give up and keep working out and eating right and it will happen. Our hormones take a while to balance themselves back out after pregnancy and it does affect our metabolic rate. You may find that yours has slowed to the point that you need to take in less than you once did. Good luck.


margo - February 18

me too...i run to the tune of 5-7 hundred calories 6 times a week(for 11 weeks now), did the dr phil diet plan(for 7 weeks) and didnt lose an ounce. i give up.


mommyoftwo - February 19

Unfortunately, there are some of us (me included) who do not lose weight while b___stfeeding. In fact, I gained nearly 10 pounds. If you stop you will probably lose the weight, but in my opinion, for what it's worth, b___stfeed as long as possible, at least the first year! It's great to lose weight and feel great, but the benefits from the b___stmilk are so many. It is such a great gift to give your child! JMHO


Maleficent - February 19

you could not be getting enough calories. i know it sounds nuts, but if your cutting calories you body is only going to store every little speck it gets cause it thinks it's starving. a b___stfeeding mom should get 2200 calories a day. minimum. up your calories, up your work out, and nurse your baby.


Moe - February 21

Maleficent is so right!!!! If you don't get enough calories your body goes into starvation mode!! I have been eating pretty much whatever I want I just eat one plate and usaully try and not go back for seconds and I walk for exercise, and the key point ladies is DO NOT EAT AFTER 6:00 PM it turns into fat when u lay down to sleep, that is the biggest key factor in my opinion and I have been successfully losing almost 4lbs a month.. Be patient ladies and b___stfeeding is a big key to my weightloss too....



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