Nursing Baby White Tongue

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M - November 16

HI! For those that are br___tfeeding, have you noticed your baby's tongue to be white? Must be from the milk. Does this hurt the baby? Is there anything to help? Thanks


Christy - November 16

Yeah, I've noticed that too, esp. after he eats. I think it is normal. It tends to go away after a while, I've noticed.


Heidi - November 16

Yes. At my daughters 4 wk appt she did a sample test on it to make sure it wasn't Thrush because she also had diaper rash. It came back negative. She said it's hard to tell if it's thrush or not after they eat cus it gets so white. She still has a white tongue at 5 wks old. She said if she stops eating or cries a lot when eating to bring her back in. I also read if you do a sc___p test on it and it's bloody, it's definately thrush.


Jamie - November 16

Wipe your baby's mouth with a clean cloth after they eat; also, ma__sage gums. It helps get you and baby used to a routine of good oral hygiene, and actually helps with the teething process, too.


Shannon - November 16

yeah, i've notcied it too. i'm not that worried about it


M - November 16

Thanks ladies. Heidi - what exactly does diaper rash look like? I've notived my daughters bum is a little red, could that be it? Or is diaper rash more like red spots? I'm using a really good cream that should prevent diaper rash but I guess they can still get it.


Heidi - November 17

Yes put it on the red spots. Could be the start of it. And yeah, they get little white and red bumps down there too. Just keep up the cream and my doc told me to let her air out when I change her diapers after I use baby wipes cus they get the rash from too much moisture and to give her a little naked time. She likes to pee when she doesn't have a diaper on so I have some of those puppy training pads I slip under her and they've saved me from changing my bedding more than once and from her peeing all over herself! Or a towel would work with a plastic changing pad under her. Look real good after a bath. That's when I see it the best and know it's not just from the diaper rubbing on her.


Jessi - November 26

The best way to know if it's thrush is if it hurts you a lot while your baby is nursing. If it's to the point that you want to cry when you nurse, you may want to talk to the babys doctor about it. My daughter had thrush because I had to give her formula a few times instead of b___stfeeding her and she got thrush. If it is thrush, make sure that they give you something for yourself too, because if they don't, then it'll be a waste of your time.



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