Nursing Bras

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Kelleyb - November 20

Just wondering what kind of nursing bras you all use and like. I'm due in about 4 weeks and have yet to buy one. A friend of mine actually mentioned she often wears tanks with built in bras from the Gap and loves those. I guess I don't know where's the best place to go and which are most comfortable. Thanks!!!


alynnburke - November 20

I got mine a Target, they also sell nursing tanks there. I didn't have the money to spend a fortune, and the bras were very reasonably priced.


lily10 - November 20

I got a couple of nursing bras at target but did not like them too much. I now just wear regular underwire bras and have not had any problems at all with clogged milk ducts, ect.


lmk - November 22

I bought different kinds. I have the Medela and Bravado bras. I love the Medela ones! The night nursing one is great, because there's no way I can sleep without a I need to use bra pads or I end up sleeping in a pool of milk. It's important to get something you can unhook to feed with one hand as you'll be holding your LO in the other hand usually. Check eBay for some deals.


maryg - November 23

I'd consider starting with the tanks, as the bras I bought while I was pregnant were all too small once my milk came in. I love the tanks for sleeping and they help with discreet nursing if you layer them under another top. I have a tank form Target, and like it ok although I had to get an XL to fit my b___sts and the belly part is quite loose. I also use the Medela (no wire) bra and find it really comfy and supportive! And I agree with lmk--those sleep bras are really comfortable. Not too supportive, but if you don't have large b___sts you might be able to get away with just using them most of the time--and they're cheap!


maryg - November 23

OH! One more thing. I like the Medela bras because the inside of the cups is thick soft cotton/lycra. I find that any unnatural fabric up against my skin now really irritates me. Ditto with underwire.


StarsMoon - December 8

I had 2 that were bought from Wal-Mart like 4 yrs ago. I had my 2nd baby in May and I bought 3 more from Wal-Mart again. They are great. And work fantastic. Very reasonable priced also. I bought this tan one, it works fine during the day, but I can't wear it at night. It has the underwire. And it hurts if I use it at night to sleep with. But other then that it is fine during the day.


newbabyras - January 3

Medela makes some great bras...but I'm a 34G once my milk comes in, so the Walmart/Target wasn't an option. I spent a ton of money on $12 bras from Walmart, only to get them home and find out they didn't work. The Medela bra was spendy...but SOOOOO worth it. I agree on the ebay suggestion - other than you need to go to a specialty bra shop and get fitted. I thought I was a 38d before they fitted me - big diff...good luck.


excited2bemama - January 4

I love the target nursing tanks and nursing sports bra's- I am very small chested and I also just bought some cotton sports bra's at wal-mart- I think they are fruit of the loom- I just lift up the bra on the side I am nursing on.



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