Nursing Bras What S Good

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Ashley - January 20

I'm new to this....WHat is a good nursing bra?


AutumnsMommy - January 20

Ashley, lol!! At first I thought you asked "what is a nursing bra" not what is a 'good' one!! I was like, What! I buy most of my nursing bras from target. THey're pretty cheap--under $20 and really comfy!


mom42 - January 20

I get mine at Wal-mart. They are $8-13 and are really comfy. The one I like best are the ones without wires, since I wear them all day and night.


AutumnsMommy - January 20

mom42, Wal Mart has nursing bras?Are they by the maternity clothes or the bras, because I've looked and I've never seen them...


Shannon - January 20

yeah, my favorite nursing bra i got from wal-mart. it was in the underwear section with everything else. AutumnsMommy- is your wal-mart a super wal-mart? the one near me is. maybe they don't have them in the regular ones, i don't know. they have lots of nursing bras at Target, too.


olivia - January 20

I got two from mimi maternity and live in them. I think no wires is the main thing to look for -- the wires are not only uncomfortable but can cause clogged ducts. Buy them so that they fit on the largest setting so you can adjust them smaller as you get back down to size.


Christy - January 20

I have two Medela seamless nursing bras w/o the underwires. I also have two Glamourmom nursing bra tanks, which I absolutely love. They aren't cheap though. I got them for $38 a pop on, although the second one I got on sale @ 10 or 15% off.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 21

I got one of my nursing bras at walmart. But my favorite one is a nursing tank top that I wear around the house and to sleep in also. So I don't have to keep lifting my shirt every time to nurse. I LOVE it! I got it at Target for $16.99. I am waiting for them to get more of my size in. They have black and white.


mom42 - January 21

Our local Wl-mart doesn't carry them either, just the Super Wal-mart in the next town. They are in the underwear section by other bras, but not right by the maternity clothes. Go figure! They are an aisle or two over and they also carry maternity undies, belly belts and a few other items. I happened up on them after the baby was born. Last time, I bought playtex ones at WM, this time it is another brand. I got a few with underwires, but the ones I like best are athletic ones. I am a DD, so they are pretty supportive and also comfy.


Shannon - January 21

ooooo a nursing tank top? awesome! thanks for the tip Sarah!!


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 22

Your welcome, also just wanted to say it was actually $16 not 16.99 and they are in one of the boxes just like the nursing bras. In th esame spot at my Target.


Heather - January 23

I just ordered 2 nursing bras from Japanese Weekend. they are supposed to be really comfy with no hooks, etc. The cups just pull to the side and you can sleep in them as well. 29 each


Ashley - January 23

Thanks everyone. i don't feel so in the dark now. I have some great ideas and places to start looking! Thanks again!



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