Nursing In Public

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amy - March 1

I'm 15 and have a 2 month old baby which i'm br___tfeeding . People often complain they see my br___t while nursing . I try to stay covered but the baby likes to pull of the blanket . Have any seggestions


michelle - March 1

amy, my baby doesn't like being covered with a blanket either. When I'm around my husband's family I wear clothes designed for b___stfeeding. You can google "b___stfeeding fashions" to see what I mean. I usually just wear looser clothes that I can kind of tuck the baby under. Tight clothes show a lot more skin than I want to. For more specific suggestions check out or La Leche League's home page. You are doing what is best for your baby and try not to let others' squeamishness throw you off. Good luck!


Maleficent - March 2

personally i'd tell them all to STFU. the law protects your right ti nurse your baby when ever and where ever you want. when people would complain to me i'd just rattle off the senate bill that gives me the right to do so. they usually shut up and walk away. as for family, i told them they could just get used to it. my baby's needs come before their squeemishness.


michelle - March 2

Maleficent, that's not exactly true. Some states have laws protecting a mother's right to b___stfeed in public, some do not. And many people are not aware of any protections and will ask a b___stfeeding mother to leave. This happened at Cedar Point amus____nt park in OH last summer. A security guard told a woman to cover up or get out. Ohio law does not specifically address b___stfeeding. As far as telling people to STFU, at 36 I have no problem doing it but when I had my first at 18 it was tough to do.


Amanda - March 3

Do you know what you shouldnt be unsecure about b___stfeeding in public it is 100% natural and the best for your baby, if they dont like it dont look! I have a six month old myself and yah i know the feeling but i just ignore it!


Lisa - March 3

Why should you have to compromise what comes naturally? I don't think any mother should 'justify' why they b___stfeed in public, would you expect someone else to eat at home or in privacy, some people have disgusting eating habits, yet still eat in public, i find that a lot more offensive. If someone has a problem with you feeding your bub in public, it is THEIR problem....they shouldn't be so rude to expect you to NOT feed your baby in public. Ignore those ignorant fools and feed your baby wherever and whenever you need to.


kashi - March 5

first - i think it's great that you are b___stfeeding! for legal advice you can check out they have plenty of resources about breasfeeding in public...



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