Nusing Shawls

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jenna32 - March 1

has anyone tried them? i was thinking of getting my cousin one at wal mart for her baby shower but i'm not sure if it's a good idea. i always thought it was a neat idea,but unsure of whether the baby can breathe in there or what. I don't see her much but by the looks of her baby registry it looks like she will be br___tfeeding.


tish212 - March 2

I have been out to dinner and several other places and seen woman who use these, and its very very tasteful, in my opinion, not only is she being discreet but she is also showing that she is commited to feeding her baby no matter what (i know that sounds weird but i am so impressed when I see a woman in pubic caring for her child not trying to hide it in the car or bathroom like I first did) They covers are also very cute now, Target has begun selling them and they have the cutest designs... I am pregnant with #2, and I am going to get one. I dont think there are any breathing issues at all since there is plenty of room in there the blanket only lays against the side of the baby, not actually touch the babies face... and there is a HUGE pocket of air plus the bottom is all open to allow fresh air in, and used air out. I would say do it... I am sure she will love it!


Kiersten - March 3

Jenna, I think that's a very thoughtful gift. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but some women (including me) are self-conscious about modesty. I have a cover that I ordered from bebeaulait DOT com and it's awesome. I've seen the covers at walmart, but haven't tried them to know how they work. The cover I have has a flexible plastic (?) ring inside the top so that you can still maintain eye contact with baby, have good ventilation and adjust how far out the cover goes, plus it has a terry cloth pocket in one corner for nursing pad storage or a quick clean up. I'm sure your cousin will appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting her something practical that she'll use and will I'm sure love!


jenna32 - March 3

Thanks!! i just thought it might be like having a blanket over the babies head, you know how things can get hot under one and all. It will be a spring baby afterall. I wish i'd gotten one, dd is a little old now 15 months, i am still nursing but she hates when i use blankets or something to nurse,she will pull them off, i'm sure she would hate it. i'm unsure of how modest she is about it though, i know personally i'd be running to a "family room" or "nursing room" instead of feeding in public. hope she likes the idea too.


jenna32 - March 3

oh and i hope there are like yellow ones, i recall only seeing pink and blue but she decided not to find out what she's having.


Kiersten - March 4

Jenna, check out that website I mentioned. They have tons of different chic styles and I'm sure she'd love any of them! There are solid prints or ones with bold, colorful designs. And they're always coming out with new ones! It's hard trying to pick just one. :) I tried the blanket over the head with my son, but it was a pain not being able to see him and he hated it and was always whipping it off at the most inopportune times. lol Have fun at the baby shower!



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