Nutrients In Breastmilk

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Emma - February 10

I don't want this to sound stupid but I was just wondering the other day, how can I be sure that my br___tmilk has enough nutrients in it? My daughter is 4 1/2 months old and doing great, but sometimes, since I'm really busy, I don't always eat right. I tend to not always eat balanced meals--especially for dinner. For lunch at work I always eat fruit, PB, and yogurt (and the occassional candy bar..) I always eat breakfast too and I take a mulit-vitamin (prenatal actually). But I'm just a little concerned that since I don't always eat balanced dinners that my baby won't get enough nutrients. And I really enjoy br___tfeeding and I don't want to quit so i really do have to make sure that it's nuritional. Thanks ladies!!


Trac - February 10

I think you are doing fine. Those pre-natal vitamins help a lot. If you really think you need more nutrients you could try some sort of breakfast drink/shake. Carnation makes them in little packets that you mix with milk. I sometimes drink them or also mix a banana in it in the blender. Hard boiled eggs are easy to take to work and you can get some more protein that way. And those mini carrots are a good source of vitamins. Sounds like you are doing fine and if your baby is happy and healthy then I wouldn't worry.


Sarahsmommy - February 10

I heard that your milk will just kind of take whatever it needs from your body. So your baby will get everything she needs. Also if she is gaining weight well then you know it's fine. And you don't sound stupid.


C - February 10

I do know that your body gives baby the proper nutrients first so you personally will suffer before the baby does. That's why you hear about women losing teeth from b___stfeeing or even just not eating right when they are pregnant. You could also just become run down. From what you wrote it doesn't sound like you are eating that bad. If you tend to be losing a lot of weight, lack of energy, you may want to add some more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Oh and you need extra protein and calcium when you are nursing too.



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