Oh No Ski Slopes

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Missy - June 7

I have an 8-mo old who I am (trying to) weaning to formula. I am still BF at night and pumping once while at work. I noticed that my br___ts, while perky yet small (34B) before I was pregnant (and for the most part, they havent changed) seem to look like ski slopes now - not that they sag, but they just don't have the fullness at the top. Any suggestions?


Susan W - June 7

Nothing you can do about it. It's genetics and not nursing that does this to us! Mine are the same way, and I'm only a 36A and still nursing FT. A good bra is what I recommend :) as well as strengthening the pectoral muscles. Otherwise, there's not a lot we can do about it. Sorry!


Missy - June 7

My mom didn't nurse and her b___sts are still large and full....ok, well as full as one's b___sts are pushin' 50. I always had nice perky b___sts before BF. I just a__sumed it was the BF that gave me "slopers". Any suggestions to strenghthen and "buff up" my pectoral muscles?


Annette - June 7

My mom nursed 3 babies and up until January when she had a mastectomy, at 61 she had b___sts to envy. At least I always had horrible saggy b___bies so there wasn´t much lost. The only question is.... how and when do they go back to their prepreg size??? I went from a 34B to a Forever and some- and my nipples are the size and color of IHOP pancakes.


Susan W - June 8

I would bet if you looked back at some of your grandmothers, they didn't have wonderful b___sts. Our genetics encompa__s much more than our moms but include all the women and the genetics the men carried, so who knows what's in there. In fact, my son looks like my dad, not me. . . . My b___sts returned to normal size at about 6 months postpartum, even though I am still nursing and was producing the same amount of milk at the time (it has dropped off during pregnancy). The nipple changes may be permanent. . . . To strengthen the pects, try laying on your back and lifting the baby straight up and down, like lifts, making funny faces (and don't do this if you have a spitter!). You can also get some weights and do flys or pushups. . . . But unfortunately, there is nothing to do about it otherwise. Pregnancy, its a__sociated weight gain and hormonal changes, combined with genetics, are much more of a cause than nursing -- you have no way of knowing what your b___sts would have looked like otherwise. I have several friends who have nursed multiple babies (one had 9) and they have great b___sts. I'm terribly envious of the friend who had 9 -- she's very thin, got no stretch marks, has great b___sts, and only started to get gray hair here at 45! I'm still thin, but that's about it. We just weren't that lucky. Bummer. You could look into plastic surgery, but that's not for me.


kelsey - June 8

LMAO Annette, IHOP pancakes.......I love it! I so know what you mean! Gees i wonder if they shrink back down, I use to have lil nipples. I I sure hope so!


Susan W - June 9

I don't think the nipple changes return to pre-pregnancy size and shape. The aerola was lighter than it was (I'm pregnant again so it's darker now), but it's still bigger than it was prior to my first pregnancy, and my nipples are slightly larger and now poke out instead of being inverted. Oh well. Just another badge of motherhood. . .


Renee-Marie - June 20

I have actually read that it's not nursing that changes the shape of our b___sts - but pregnancy in general that does it. Oh well...


Renee-Marie - June 20

and whats this talk of them shrinking back down? I've never had b___bies until now - don't make me sad ladies! Tell me these puppies are staying!!!!!!


Rabbits07 - June 20

My best advice would be to invest in a really good push-up bra! I am currently b___stfeeding and am a 36C and I cinch up my straps real tight to make sure I've got good support. Like SusanW said though, I think alot of it is just genetics and then as Renee-MArie said it's pregnancy and not b___stfeeding. I was a 34AA when I got preggo w/ #1...tried b___stfeeding for a few days but it didn't work out and I still had slopers after it was all over with (small slopers, but slopers just the same). With my additional babies I never really noticed much difference in my b___sts after pregnancy and b___stfeeding, except that I remained at at a 36B cup and my nipples were much larger (still had sloping, but no more really than from the first). My sister had the opposite experience, her b___sts decreased 2 cup sizes after pregnancy and she didn't b___stfeed


Susan W - June 21

Mine went back down :( They were pretty great! And they haven't enlarged with either #2 or #3 again. Go figure. DH is sorta bummed, lol.



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