On The Boob Off The Boob Eating All The Time

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chrissi79 - February 26

So my DD has become terribly fussy over the past few days...she is 4 weeks today, and I am br___tfeeding her. I also pump so we can have a bottle for her as well. But she has been so fussy the past few days...she sleeps like no more than a half hour or so at at time and she's so fussy when we put her down. AND when she's eating, she does this thing where she pulls herself off and then gets all fussy and thrashes her head trying to latch back on. I'm concerned that she's not sleeping enough or something OR that she's not eating enough,...why is she like this?? ERRRR....seriously loosing my patience with br___tfeeding that's for sure...


tryingx3 - February 26

4 weeks is one of the "growth spurt" times...might be she is hungry. The pulling off and back on usually happens to me when my let down is too strong. I sure wish I had a cure for that! My dd is 5.5 mo and we still go through that. I feel like I am drowning her...I know I drown her outfit and my clothes many times. One suggestion for fast letdown is to layback or laydown for her to nurse. The other thing that I think happens with fast let down is that she gets air...maybe from swallowing so fast to keep up? You may need to try to work a burp out of her and try again. This may also allow you to "leak" a bit and let off some of the pressure.


Lala - February 26

Yes, my ds is now 5 weeks, and did the same at close to 4 weeks. Sometimes he'd pull off from his non-stop nursing and cry. I think it was because I was out of milk and he wanted more. I couldn't keep up with his non-stop eating. Also, I too have the over-active let down. That makes him choke and sputter and pull off ( and when he does milk sprays all over his little face YIKES!). Try to remind yourself that this phase is temporary and will end soon. Now, only a week+ later, ds has started taking naps during the day often and SLEEPING 6-7 HOURS at night!!! Yeah! Babies change fast.


chrissi79 - February 26

Thanks ladies...that is helpful and restoring my faith a little...this has been a frustrating week i must say. She's so fussy and cries whenever she's not being held/eating. Very frustrating. Tryingx3 I read your post about your LO being up all night, and we are dealing with the same situation pretty much. She wakes up to nurse a couple hrs after falling asleep, and then I usually nurse her lying on my side beside me and sometimes we both fall asleep. I eventually l put her back in her ba__sinet and she'll sleep a few hrs into the morning. My DD is only 4 weeks old today, so i'm hoping she'll start sleeping a little better within a few weeks...trying to have some patience...


Kristin72 - February 27

Hi Chrissi79, My baby is 3 months today and is still fussy in the evenings. She thrashes her head around and pulls herself off and on and crys off and on right before she pa__ses out to go to bed. Often this indicates gas so make sure your baby is well burped. I often switch b___bs back and forth burping inbetween until she settles. My baby has also cluster feeds in the evenings until she goes down too. 9drives me nuts) She is then put to bed around 9-9:30 and awakens at 2:00 then 4-5 then wakens at 6-7 for good. I think she seems to enjoy the night feeds. I have not had a decent nights sleep since she was born. Hoping it gets better...


mamagoose - February 27

Mine is only 2 1/2 weeks, but he's been doing the same thing... He latches on eagerly, then after 30 seconds of sucking, he pulls back, his whole body goes stiff and straight, and he gets fussy, then frantically tries to latch back on, only to repeat the cycle. I definately think it's a milk supply thing- either too much/too fast let-down, or not getting as much as he wants. I find that I have a good supply of milk flowing at a good rate in the early afternoon, so I pump a big bottle then, and in the evening, I'll nurse ds 15 mins on both sides and then give the bottle I pumped... it seems to be working pretty well, and he's much happier in the evenings now. I tried pumping in the evening to see what kind of supply I had.... it took me 15 minutes to get 1/2 ounce, when I can usually pump 4 ounces in about 10 minutes in the afternoon!


chrissi79 - February 27

yes, I definitely have an abundance of milk early in the day, and then pump whatever I can later on throughout the day so I can add to or have extra on hand. Umm, does anyone else feel like ALL they do is b___stfeed and pump??? LOL



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