One Boob Or Two

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JH - April 6

I have been bf for a week now. Do I need to be having him empty one side before moving onto the second side or do I need to break the time up evenly? Today baby had green poop and I know that means he's not getting to the good stuff yet.


Lisastar9 - April 6

If you feed from one ide at a time is fine as for feedung from both in one feeding is fine too either way works,as for the colour of poop it can and will change to many different colours,my son had green poop too normal as can be just something going through thier systemdon't woory abouut the colour only if it has blacl colour then you need to worry that is dried blood,or if you see blood then worry.


Jamie - April 7

Green poo means he's not getting enough hindmilk - have him completely empty one side before moving to the next. The other option is to pump a little of the foremilk out before you nurse him. I only feed my daughter from one side at a time, because that's just the way it worked out - she would be full by the time she completely drained one b___st, so I would give her the other b___st at the next feeding. To answer your question; you do need even nursing time between both b___sts, or one side could end up drying up. But it's also important that the b___st be drained completely; while he's this young, have him completely drain one b___st - if he's still hungry, offer the other. At the next feeding, start him on the b___st he finished on - it will give equal time, to keep your supply even, and will get him to the hindmilk.


Happy Mom - April 7

One side is fine. I let my little guy eat on one side for about 4 hours when he was little. When he ate from both at every nursing I made too much milk. Now at almost 9 months he will eat from both at the same feed, but only when he clusters in the evening.


C - April 10

I used to let him nurse on one side until it seemed empty and then offer the second. When I fed him the next time around I would start on the same side I left off with. I found if I didn't offer the second side that one would get really engorged before he'd eat again.


JH - April 10

That makes good sense. My son is 10 days old now and I was discovering that if he doesn't want the second b___st I am in some pain by the next feeding. I wish I could easily describe this pain to ask ya'll if this is normal. I can't help but wonder about infections. It is an ache that comes on strong periodically, but it only hurts on one part of the b___st. Does that sound right? I have never picked up using a variety of positions. Will that cause clogged ducts?


Susan W - April 11

JH, what you are describing is normal engorgement pain. I found I needed to hand-express some on the b___st I didn't use that feeding or I was in serious pain by the next feeding . I got some blocked ducts, but I produce enough milk for several babies (no joke -- I could express 6 oz after nursing for an hour from just one side and another 8 from the side I didn't use!). And I did things like C describes to help keep it under control and to help with the very strong let-down I have. Your supply will even out here soon. And you'll know if you develop a blocked duct. It will be super sore and very firm in that area. But it's good you are watching.



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