One Breast Making More Than The Other WHY

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DB - March 4

I've been pumping once or twice a day; one time to freeze and the second so my dh can feed my dd a bottle. Whenever I pump my left br___t produces anywhere from 3-5oz, while my right br___t slacks and makes anywhere from 3/4 oz-1.5oz max!! This seems drastically different. I have been trying to start dd on the right side during feedings so it is drained, but I'm not seeing much increase when I'm pumping. Anyone know why or how I can get the right side to stop slacking!!???


Mommy_to_be - March 4

I can't help you but I have the same problem!!! Except it's my left that is slacking. And to make things right b___b is noticeably bigger than the left! I've also tried to even them out and nothing has worked! I'm convinced there's nothing I can do! Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


Tammy276 - March 5

I think this is normal. When I had my son, one of my b___sts always produced more than the other.


kellens mom - March 5

I was able to increase my supply on my bad side by doing what you are doing...always nursing on the side. I would let my dd nurse as long as she could stand it without getting mad, then I would switch her to the good side. After a few minutes, I would switch her back to stimulate more demand. As for pumping, try the same thing except wait 15-30 minutes to pump the slow b___st again after you empty both b___sts. It usually takes me 3 days to start really seeing an increase. FYI, it still does not produce as much as the other one and it is slower to pump but I can get way more.


tryingx3 - March 5

My "under" producer is now my "better" producer....things that make you go.....hmmmmmmmmmm


kellens mom - March 5

Tryingx3 - I have been there too! In fact, I call my low b___b "old faithful" because it's supply seems to be more stable


sapi - March 5

Thats so funny because I was just going to ask the same question. This is the 3 time I pump and I get the same 3-4 on the left side and maybe an ounce on the right. MY DS is a little over 2 weeks old I wonder if my supply isn't in as well as it should yet. I would love to know how to get it more even.


kellens mom - March 5

How to get it more even? always offer dd the low flow b___st until it's supply increases. This will decrease the supply demands on the other b___st which will reduce its supply.


DownbutnotOUT - March 5

I have had th same problem with all 3 of my babies my left b___b was always a better producer of milk. I tried nursing my babies more on the right side and even pumped the right side more to help increase the milk, it sorta worked. I feel some b___bs produce milk better than others and with my left b___b I would nurse starting with my right always and than if the wee one was still hungry use my left. though I would get only a max of 2 ounces different from my left if pumping than my right. Do you think you might have a blocked milk duct?? that could cause a problem


DB - March 5

I don't think I have a clogged duct...would that hurt? Sounds like it would...Well, I got almost 2 oz today out of the right side and got 3 1/2 from the left, so maybe it's starting to even out?!?!?! It is wierd, now that I think out it, when my milk first came in my right b___st was hugely engorged and seemed to be making how things have changed!!


kellens mom - March 5

For me, clogged ducts hurt. If I let them get far enough along, I become achy and feverish. After the duct is unplugged, it feels like the tissue is sensitive...almost like there is a bruise in that spot for serveral days. Like you are imagining, milk just sort of stops coming out. A small knot develops and eventually it feels like a large lump. For me, the more I ma__sage it to get it to break up, the more I feel like I am bruising myself. I have never had much luck with ma__sages or warm heat to improve flow. In my case, going too long between nursing or pumping a b___st will result in a clogged duct. I remember getting one at a baby shower because I was hosting it and could not get away to nurse. My left b___st is the one that gets the clogged ducts. I have yet to get one in my right side.


chrissi79 - March 6

I think this is normal...i have this too. My right b___st always has more. I've been able to up the milk in my left b___st a little bit though by pumping and then making sure DD feeds off that one first. Seems to be a BIT more in there...the trick is just to stimulate it more and more b/c that's when your milk will increase.



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