One Side Makes More Milk

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Gina - January 5

No matter what I do, my right side makes more milk. Anyone else have this problem???


Kim - January 6

Me too! When I pump, I get 2 - 4 ounces from my right side and only 1.5 out of my left! And it takes me longer to empty my left side.


KIMJ - January 9

mt right makes more too. it always leaks but my left hardly ever leaks. iam trying to balance it out but he likes the right better.


AutumnsMommy - January 9

That happens to me too. My right side has always make more milk than my left, but since I've started working again and have been pumping, it seems like the two are starting to even out. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. :-)


nic nac - January 11

yes. no matter how much i feed or pump, the left b___st produces twice as much as the right b___st. I don't know why. can this be fixed?


Christy - January 12

My left one makes more and it is the side that Ben prefers. LOL! I try to offer the right one first, but he will nurse for like 10-15 on tat side and then want to go for 20-25 on the other side. Funny kid!


Kalie - January 13

My right one is like a double E and my left one is a D at best. I never expected this to happen since pre-pregnancy both b___bs were equal and happy C's. My lactation consultant said no matter what I do, chances are, things will stay the same til I stop b___stfeeding. Oh well. Plus, when I get engorged, righty gets HUGE and hard as a rock, and lefty hardens a little but doesn't even compare. Now that is a funny looking rack let me tell you. It cracks my husband up as you can imagine!


tara - January 14

My left side is the one that roduces more and now it's a cup size bigger thanthe right. I really hope they go back to being the same size after I'm done wth b___st feeding. I don't like having 2 different b___st sizes!


Kathryn - January 15

It's normal. Your baby and you will favor one side. You may not realize that it's happening thus causing more milk on one side.


Heidi - January 17

I think the reason my left side produces more milk is cus when I feed her at my dinnertime I nurse her on the left so I have my right hand free to eat or do whatever I need to do! My right side produces like half of what the left one does!


Lillie E - January 18

my right produces way more and i don't like it because i feel lopsided... i'm just scared they won't be even when i stop b___stfeeding



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