Only Eats For 10 Minutes

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tinkri - January 31

My ds will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Since he was born he only nurses on one side per feeding and only for 10 minutes. Some feedings only 5 min, some 15, but usually 10. I know my milk flow is fast and my let down is immediate. He was 9lbs 2oz at birth, left the hospital at 8lbs 12oz and was back at 9lbs 3 days later. He is definitely growing and has a pooy, wet diaper at every feeding. I am just alittle concerned because everthing I read says he should be nursing for 20 minutes if useing only one side per feeding or 15 minutes on the first side and finish on the second if nursing both. Anyone else have a baby that eats like this?


tinkri - January 31

P.S. he has outgrown nb diapers and nb clothes. Some of his 0-3 months are getting short and he is getting chubby thighs.


hutcho1984 - January 31

as long as hes growing and seems satisfied hes fine. there is no specific time length. my dd was similar and she is now 8 weeks old and thriving. your doing great! Nic x


EricaLynn - January 31

Concider this a blessing. My dd would nurse for hours! I broke down and started expressing milk for her. But when I was nursing her I NEVER got a break. She was attatched to my b___b day and night!


Jennifer123 - January 31

I agree w/ the others that if he seems satisfied and isn't just snacking then you are lucky to have a little suckler that can be done that quickly!


marie7 - January 31

My 7 weeks dd is same side about 10 minutes! When my 4 yr ds was a baby he'd be 15-20 each side...every couple of hours, so it is definately a blessing to have a fast eater!


sahmof3 - February 1

My oldest was a SLOOOWW nurser (30 minutes/side). My next two were like your ds... very efficient. Enjoy it ;-)


tinkri - February 1

Thank you everyone for your replys! I feel much better. During the day, I wish he would nurse alittle longer because he only goes 1-2.5 hours between feedings. At night he will go 3-3.5 between them. I don't know what I would do if he nursed for 30 minutes or more per feeding! I would never get a break. Thanks again ladies : )


Angelttc2 - February 1

My dd is 5 weeks old and has only nursed 10 min (usually 10)-15 min, one side only since birth. She also has lots of wet diapers and bms. She now nurses close to 15 min at a time. She had gained a pound and 4 oz at her two week check up and has definitely grown a lot since then! :) She usually goes 2-3 hours between feedings in the day and sometimes a 4 hour stretch at night.


spamanda - February 3

I had a big baby (9lb. 5 oz.) too and he nurses exactly the same way. He's now over 4 mos. and he's still doing it. I think it's terrific. As long as your lo is growing and pooping, I wouldn't worry about it. Seems like the farther into this mommyhood thing I get, the more I realize that everything is normal and the books are so deceiving! lol Good luck, hope he stays that way.



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